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NEFA 21733



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An amateur film by railway enthusiast Chris Lawson concentrates on the rail network of the Southern region. Steam engines unique to the Southern network are in evidence, particularly the WCBB [West Country & Battle of Britain] class. Some of the footage is of special gatherings or excursions for steam railway enthusiasts.

The film opens with a view showing a DMU [Diesel Multiple Unit] making it's way along a railway cutting. The green livery suggests it is operating on the Southern rail network. On the same section of track, but travelling towards the camera a steam engine approaches. A 'double header' [two engines pull the train] passes, although with only the first engine appearing to be in steam. The second engine is no. 34023 WCBB class 4-6-2, possibly at the point being withdrawn as it went out of service in 1967. Behind both engines a passenger train.

A riverside view follows of a modern city and a distant shot of a steam train making its way along a riverside railway. Another  'double header' train passes, and a trackside view shows the first engine as no. 34108 WCBB class 4-6-2, formerly named Wincanton. The following engine is no. 34089 another engine of the same type, formerly named 602 Squadron,  the nameplate has been removed.

The film cuts to a low angle view of a steam engine speeding along an embankment. The engine is no. 80146 a BR4/3 class, 2-6-4T, a Southern region engine. Engine 34089 is being pulled in reverse at the back of the train.

The film then cuts to a high angle view of a train in a cutting about to go through a short tunnel. Another high angle shot of engine 34023 this time, in steam in another 'double header' configuration, heading towards a tunnel with a passenger train. 

A brief panning view follows of a steam train as it speeds through a station. The film cuts to a steam train coming over  latticed steel bridge. A high angle view of multiple tracks at a signal box follows, as a Southern Region DMU goes past followed by a speeding steam passenger train. The film cuts to a trackside view near a viaduct as 34023(?) goes through pulling a passenger train. A photographer manages to snap a picture as it goes through.  A panning view follows of a lone steam engine, probaby another shot of 34023. More trackside views follow as a steam passenger trains goes through, the second one is probably no. 35023 MN [Merchant Navy] class 4-6-2.

The film cuts to a station platform and a steam engine pulling steel goods trucks passing through. A high angle view follows showing a steam passenger train as it passes beneath a bridge. Another high angle view from a bridge follows as a steam train speeds towards the camera, pulling three carriages of a passenger train as it goes under the bridge, it then disappears around a curve.

Taken from a station platform an engine approaches, this time it's engine no. 34095 a WCBB [West Country and Battle of Britain] class 4-6-2. Next a steam passenger train pulls into Beaulieu Road station, south east of Lyndhurst in Hampshire. The engine is no. 75076 a BR4/1 class, 4-6-0 engine, pulling three carriages. It moves out of the station.

A high angle view follows showing a Southern Region DMU passing by. The film cuts to a dark shot of a steam train entering Southampton terminus station. Another view shows an engine manoeuvering across a road, presumably at the terminus. 

A high angle view follows looking along a railway cutting and into a tunnel, another engine emerges travelling the opposite way. A long distance shot follows of  a steam goods train reversing along an embankment. Another goods train speeds past in the opposite direction. A middle distance view shows a steam passnger train passing through an area surrounded by fields.

The film cuts to a high angle view of a signal box next to a level crossing and alongside a double rail track. A steam passenger train comes through headed by engine 34023(?). A close up follows of the same engine(?) as it pulls away from a station platform. A high angle view follows of a marshalling yard and a steam goods train pulls through. On the same line a steam passenger passes by followed by another steam passenger train travels in the opposite direction.

A view follows showing the engine in Southampton dock as passengers leave the train, perhaps to go on board ship. A small engine at work on the docks goes past, engine no. 30069 class USA 0-6-0T.

The film ends with general views of thedocks area.