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YFA 2924



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This is a documentary of a cruise on the Mediterranean which stops at the following places: Tunisia, Minorca, Modena, Casablanca. The film involves mainly just site-seeing and activities on the cruise ship.

Titles: "South to the Sun"
"Record of a Cruising Holiday"

There is a large cruise ship called "IBERIA". The ship leaves the port, and boats of varying sizes pass by. A red pen on a map marks them leaving Southampton. The dining room on the ship is well presented with tables, chairs and flowers. Many deck chairs on deck, lots of people, mainly couples doing various activities such as eating ice cream or rubbing sun lotion into each other.

Pen marks journey on map, now passing Portugal. Many passengers are laid out sunbathing, and the coastlines are visible as the ship now passes Spain. A separate boat takes passengers to the shore where there is lots of activity in the town, and local children play in the street. A couple sit on a wall near the port, the lady in a white and blue dress, and blue hat. They join the rest of the tourists overlooking the beach and a few boats on the sea.

Tourists take a tour of some gardens where they see flowers, lemon trees, and grapes. They get on the small boat and are transported back to the ship. Pen marks from Malta, past the coast of Sardinia. Lots of games taking place on deck. Over a swimming pool, a pole has been laid across the middle. Two men edge along either side of the pole in swimming trunks, each carrying a sack filled with water balloons (?). They edge along and fight each other.

Pen marks the destination "Palma," and coastlines continue to be visible. In Minorca now (commentary informs) a couple walk down a street lined with palm trees. There are lots of cars and activity and a park with a fountain. An official in a white uniform directs traffic. Same couple in a horse drawn carriage go down a road by the sea.

Set sail from Palma. All the crew are now on deck, and form two lines with life jackets on for a fire drill, life boats are also lowered.

Passengers play games on deck on marked out 'pitches'. The couple, dressed in shorts and t-shirts, play catch with a rubber ring on either side of badminton net. Others try to toss hoops into the centre of a target on the floor.

Pen marks on map from Palma to Morocco, in particular Casablanca.

There is a large busy city, lots of cars and locals in local dress. On the outskirts of the town are poorer families living in grass huts. Tourists visit a palace on road to Labat. They view the gardens, and many of the tourists are taking pictures before moving onto ruins amongst many traders. They visit the bazar with many small narrow streets.

Back on the ship leaving now, many passengers sunbathing. The film closes with a picture of a ship.

Title: "The End".