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NEFA 18540



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An amateur film made by a policeman from the South Shields Constabulary to highlight the dangers of crossing busy roads without taking due care and attention. Shot on a busy Saturday afternoon sometime in 1950 or 1951 the film shows pedestrians crossing roads at various locations around South Shields including Market Place, Ocean Road and Kings Road.

The film opens with the logo for the Australian Road Safety Council.

The film cuts to Marsden Rock near South Shields as seen from the cliff. Sea birds are nesting on the rock and waves are breaking over the rock and beach below.

The film changes to show the front bumper of a car, possibly a Morris Minor (Reg: CU 6053) [This sequence is out of focus].

Parked at the crossroads near to The New Cross Hotel [possibly on Mowbray Road in South Shields] is the No 10 electric double decker trolley bus (Reg: CU 5101). Along the side is an advertisement for 'Vaux Stout'. Other cars and pedestrians stand around near to the bus. A car (Reg: DYS 464) drives past.

The film cuts to a view from inside of a parked car of a young couple carrying a small child across a zebra crossing. Traffic comes to a stop at the crossing as two older ladies cross. General views follow of people crossing the busy road in front of the car. Some are using the crossing, others simply walk across the road as traffic speeds past.

A red flat-bed lorry drives past (Reg: JR 296). The logo printed above the drivers cabin reads: 'John Slavin'. More general views of pedestrians crossing the road, many don't look where they are going and do not use the zebra crossing. A man in a flat cap crosses the road between  traffic which speeds in front and behind him. He passes a number of large billboards with advertisements that include 'Ovaltine Cold' and 'Cadbury’s Chocolate'. A woman in a smart tweed outfit carrying a handbag crosses the road in the opposite direction.  Traffic comes to a stop as a group of pedestrians cross a zebra crossing. An older woman carrying a wicker basket runs across the road to avoid a number of bicycles which speed past.

A woman and two young girls on bicycles stand at the junction of a road. Two women in long overcoats cross the road at an angle as the woman and two young girls push their bikes across the zebra crossing in front of them.

The car, now moving, follows a young man on a bicycle.The car turns left into Market Place and drives slowly around the market past covered market stalls with pedestrians walking around the stalls and along the nearby pavement. As the car continues pedestrians cross the road in front of the car, many not looking where they are going. The car passes a number of shops including J.D. Ainsley & Co Ltd and St Hilda's Church. Two women push a pram across the road in front of the car oblivious to the dangers of the car nearly hitting them.

A young couple push a pram along a road beside a piece of vacant, possibly bomb damaged, ground.

The car turns slowly into Ocean Road which is very busy with pedestrians on both sides of the road. The car passes many shops including 'Liptons' and the Odeon theatre. Many pedestrians are standing or walking in the road while others cross all around without taking due care and attention. An 'Allens Department Store' delivery lorry speeds past followed by a car and electric double-decker trolley bus. The car follows the trolley bus (Reg: CU 5089)  which is advertising 'Hallmark Tea' on its rear bumper. It comes to a stop at a zebra crossing as pedestrians cross in front of it.

The film cuts to a smaller street [possibly Salem Street] where the car passes a woman standing on the pavement next to a pram and small girl. A small child sits up in the pram and looks at the car as it passes. The car approaches the junction of King Street in front of A.J. Wares Ltd hardware shop . As the car gets closer to the junction the crowds of people increase; many crossing in front of the car without looking where they are going. A young man on a bicycle pedals past nearly hitting the car.

The film cuts to the car driving along another busy road [possibly King Street]. Pedestrians can be seen walking in the road and crossing in front of traffic including a number of electric trolley double-decker buses. The car passes a large neon sign that reads 'Hardy's'. A woman and a man with a pushchair crosses in front of the car which narrowly misses them. The man looks at the car as it travels past.

At another intersection a small group of people attempt to cross the road and narrowly miss a flat-bed lorry driving past. A woman walks quickly pushing a pram across the road. Another woman with a small boy crosses the road beside three double-decker buses that are parked outside of Harton Dye-Works. The buses pull away and pedestrians are seen crossing the road in between the traffic that speed past. A man holding the hand of a small girl in a red coat rushes across the road. Behind them comes two small boys who are also holding hands.

Large numbers of pedestrians cross at a crossing at the intersection of Fowler Street and Ocean Road across from the 'Royal Hotel'. A car turns into the road while people are still crossing. A red double-decker diesel bus pulls up in front of the car. The bus displays advertisements for both 'Typhoo Tea' and 'Shop at Binns' along the side and rear of the vehicle. People get off the bus and several begin to cross the road in front of the car. Two electric trolley double-decker buses pull up in front of the car one after the other with pedestrians onboard get off and cross the road in front traffic.

The film cuts back to Market Place where a couple with a pushchair cross the road towards the covered stalls. On the far side of the market is a large neon sign for 'Barbour's' hangs across the front of a building. The car moves off again and turns right facing St HIlda's Church. Two electric trolley double-decker buses are parked near to the church. One of them moves off and the car follows it around the market past Ocean Road towards the shop of J.D. Ainsley & Co Ltd. Pedestrians cross the road in front of the car between two parked electric trolley double-decker buses.

The film ends with the car turning left into Ocean Road and a man holding a newspaper in his hand crossing the road in front.