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NEFA 21780



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Railway enthusiast and filmmaker Chris Lawson films a colliery railway near South Shields, a sailing ship at Whitby, an Advanced Passenger Train undergoing trials and steam engines pulling passenger trains.

The film opens on a single track railway running between buildings next to a road. This high angle view shows an electric (?) engine pulling a train of coal wagons(?). The same train from a different angle as the train crosses a junction of tracks.

The film cuts to a railway leading to a steelworks or a colliery(?) The electric powered train crosses a road via a level crossing. A man in a high visibilty jacket holds a flag by his he side as he watches the trains progress. A trackside close up of the train a follows as it travels a single line through a housing estate(?). This maybe the Harton railway at South Shields which served Westoe Colliery. 

A sailing ship heads between two piers. The camera follows the ship's progress [heading to Whitby - some overexposed sections].

A trackside view of a railway follows, an approaching train is an APT (Advanced Passenger Train) prototype, presumably on a test run. A different location and the APT speeds past again.

A low angle trackside view follows as an A4 Pacific speeds past hauling a passenger train.

The film ends showing a high angle view of a speeding steam train running along a track in a valley.