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Sons of the Sea was the first and only British feature film shot using Dufaycolor, a single-strop colour process. Previously this process had only been used in sequences of Radio Parade of 1935.

The story is set in and around the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth. It was filmed on location and used large numbers of naval cadets as extras. The head of the college has been murdered, and his successor, Captain Hyde, suspects he may have been the intended target. He enlists the help of his son Philip, a reluctant cadet at the Naval College, to help him confirm his suspicions about planned enemy action. Meanwhile, there is a Secret Service agent staying at the college observatory - a foreign-born professor of astronomy who is behaving strangely. Produced in 1939 before the outbreak of the Second World War, the script gives no mention to Germany; however, there are references to what will happen "during the war" demonstrating the rising hostilities in foreign relations.

No formal credits are included on these reels, but the main cast and crew are as follows:
Director: Maurice Elvey
Writers: George Barraud, Gerald Elliott, Maurice Elvey, Reginald Long, D. William Woolf
Cast: Leslie Banks, Kay Walsh, Mackenzie Ward, Cecil Parker, Simon Lack, Ellen Pollock, Peter Shaw, Nigel Stock, Kynaston Reeves, Charles Eton, Gordon Begg, Robert Field.
Producer: KC Alexander
Cinematography: Eric Cross
Film Editing: Douglas Myers
Sound: Leo Wilkins
Colour: Joan Bridge (Dufaycolor), Adrian Klein

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