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YFA 33



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An amateur film shot by Sir Fred Moore, this film includes footage of Mowbray House, Kirkby Malzeard during a winter and summer seasons of the Second World War. The film shows the soldiers who were billeted at Mowbray House taking part in training exercises, sports and other events as well as village activities. The film is shot on both black and white and colour film stocks.

The film opens with the soldiers' physical training session including running, star jumps and other exercises at the command of an Officer.

Colour - The next scene includes footage of the surrounding estate as well as a man walking a dog down a pathway. The soldiers then attend a Remembrance Service at the village church. They are all lined up outside the church along with civilian members of the community who are also in attendance. After the service, they march away in formation down the village street. Some of the local people are also filmed, including two women selling Poppies.

Black & White - The solders are marching in their combat uniforms. They carry rifles and have packs while they march around the grounds. Two younger boys run alongside the soldiers who continue to march down the village streets. There is a brief slow motion shot, and this is followed by more footage of the soldiers on exercise, now dressed in rain gear.

The film shows more marches and then moves on to the mess at Mowbray House, where the cooks are preparing food.

Sign - YHA Entrance Keep Left
Sign - Service Room H.M. Troops Only.

A soldier enters a door of the Moordale Youth Hostel. Other solders come in and out of the door as well.

Colour - The soldiers then walk in between the mess and dining halls. They carry plates of food with them. Next, many soldiers are piled into a pick-up truck and drive through the village streets.

Black & White - It is now winter, and men pull a snow plough in order to clear a pathway. There are shots of the wooded areas of the estate grounds as well as a pig walking through the snow.

Troops are marching in formation. They are dressed in winter combat gear. They then get into a number of cars which are lined up near the entrance of Mowbray House. There are also a few soldiers who ride on motorbikes. The convoy makes it way down a street outside the village. There is a road sign for Ripon and Masham. Following this is more footage of the estate grounds covered in newly fallen snow.

Colour - There is scenic footage of the estate grounds, and a man and a woman are cutting down part of a large tree.

Busses carrying a large number of troops arrive at the Mowbray House. Tables with food on are set up outside. The soldiers, wearing dress uniforms, help themselves to servings and sit down to eat at tables that are lined up in rows. After the meal they take part in activities, such as bowling and croquet. (The footage of sports is blurry.)

Black & White - It is snowing again, and there is a brief scene with a boy shovelling. There are also some younger soldiers that walk around the grounds.

A final scene shows a children's fancy dress parade in the garden at Mowbray House. Members of the village have turned out for the festivities as well and can be seen observing the fancy dress parade.