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Part of the Yorkshire Media Consortium project, this film takes a look at the trials and tribulations of a pub quiz team in West Yorkshire.

Title | The Yorkshire Film Archive present
A film by Steve Cowgill

Title | Some You Win Some You Booze

The film opens with a bartender pouring a pint and putting a packet of crisps on a tray. The tray is then taken through the pub and placed onto a table in the beer garden. A man in a leather jacket picks up the pint and asks what the Airedale quiz league is all about. He takes a leaflet and reads from it.

The film then cuts to exterior shots of the Ferrands Arms in Bingley where the league began, before another scene showing a pub, this time The Star, also in Bingley. On the side of another pub, a sign reading "The Artist" has been superimposed over the original sign. Inside, one of the quiz players, Stuart Hirst, talks about himself and is seen writing answers on a piece of paper in a smoky pub.

He continues to talk about his love-hate relationship with pub quizzes and his retentive memory, and is shown answering a question out loud when he hadn't been supposed to. After a few more shots of the quiz team sitting round drinking, Stuart is shown painting in his studio at home and fitting a picture frame. Inside Shipley Library Stuart drinks wine while he tries to sell his artwork.

The next superimposed sign reads "The Cloth Cutter" and switches to Janina, who is then shown working at SpaceKraft cutting fabric for use in multisensory rooms. She carries a parcel to a lorry and is then shown with the rest of the team, which she tells the interviewer began in 1992.

The film then cuts from an exterior shot of The Ring O' Bells to another pub, The Victoria, where the team now play. Stuart explains that they shifted because The Ring O' Bells had stopped serving Tetley Mild on draught, and he could not stand Tetley Bitter. There are more shots inside the pub that follow and the team begin to discuss a former member of the team, Martin, and his reasons for leaving.

Title | Martin

Martin is siting at the bar with another member of the quiz team, Mike, and briefly discusses his role. The film then cuts to another superimposed sign, this time reading "Stargazer" and there is a shot of David Shepherd who then talks to the camera about why he joined the quiz team. David, sporting a ponytail, is then seen at a cricket match where he has taken on the role of umpire. There is a shot of his degree certificate from Bradford University and a book which he has co-written.

The next and final super-imposed pub sign reads "The Money Man", who is identified as Mike Johnston. Mike is shown in his office at the Royal Infirmary where he works as an accountant and does trade union work.

The next sequence shows Stuart recounting an amusing anecdote, before the film cuts back to the original narrator who downs his pint and takes the glass to the bar. The film comes to an end as he plays on the fruit machines.

Title | Hosted by Steve Mullins
Written and Directed by Steve Cowgill
Camera and Sound by Steve Cowgill
Chris Watson
Darren Potter
Original Music composed and performed by Ryck Neaves

Title | The Victorians are
Stuart Hirst
Janina Gill
Dave Shepherd
Mike Johnson
Ramona Sikorski
Richard Moody

Title | Thanks to:
Tony Burgess, Victoria Hotel, Saltaire
Colin Bell, The Bell Inn, Wilsden
Dave Smith, The Old House, Shipley
Regex Shoulder of Mutton, Bradford
Salem King's Arms, Heaton
1-in-12 Club, Bradford
Fanny's Alehouse, Saltaire
Chris and Babs, The Red Lion, Burley-in-Wharfedale

Title | Acorn Video Copyright 1999

Title | In memory of Richard Moody who passed away during the making of this film.

Title | Some You Win Some You Booze is part of the A4E Contemporary Video Collection
Produced by Yorkshire Media Consortium
Supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England
Archived by the Yorkshire Film Archive