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YFA 994



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This is a comedic film made by the Bamforth Film Company.

Title - Some Twins

The film begins with a letter addressed to Jack mentioning that Uncle Jim decides to forgive him for going on the stage and now hears he has a family. He decides to make the son of Jack “heir” to the fortune as he can’t stand girls, etc. It is signed by the uncle. The letter is read by Jack, his wife and their daughter. Another letter is written...”Dear Uncle, we have a rehearsal at five. Glad you’ve forgiven us, Jack. PS. Your mistake, we have a girl not a boy.

The girl upon reading this looks shocked, waves her parents goodbye and makes a plan. She looks again at the letter and says “I wish I was twins, the very idea!” She runs off and finds a grass basket, pulls out some clothes and says “Your best clothes, remember Willie”. She goes to a boy who is holding a cricket bat and pleads with him to lend her some of his clothes. He reluctantly agrees. She reads the “rehearsal” letter once more and runs off.

The uncle arrives; she ingratiates herself and makes him feel at home, much to the uncle’s disgust. She props his legs onto a chair and cushion and he orders her to send her brother to come and see him. The girl looks towards the camera and it is clearly evident she has a trick up her sleeve. As she dresses in her friends clothes, she discovers they are back to front. The uncle tired of waiting falls asleep.

The uncle is rudely awakened by the “heir” (the girl in her “brother’s” clothes). The heir is also wearing a costume wig. The heir plays a trick on the uncle by tying his shoe laces together. He then pokes the uncle in the stomach was the cane and laughs hysterically.

The uncle follows his “heir” into the garden and many practical jokes follow. The heir provides a makeshift chair out of a barrel filled with water and when the uncle sits down the wooden plank is pulled out from under him. He falls into the water again and again. The heir delighted, transforms back into the girl. She rushes towards the uncle looking absolutely shocked and exclaims that her brother is a very naughty boy, kisses him on the cheek. This leaves him very surprised and touched and then he leaves.

The parents return back from rehearsal and receive a letter reading...”Dear Nephew, have changed my mind and intend to leave all my money to your dear little daughter, Uncle Jim. PS. Your son is a little devil and wants drowning. The parents are decidedly shocked and the girl runs off gleefully ad thrilled with her accomplishment.