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YFA 4447



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This footage comes from a set of five films which were shot by pupils of Ellerby Lane primary school in Leeds between 195 -1953. This particular piece of film shows some intertitles which the children used in their fifteen minute “Brought to Justice” film, along with brief footage of the school playground.

Intertitles read (NB: these intertitles show the names of those who worked on another film, "Brought to Justice"): “Cast  Joan… Sylvia Walls.   John… Arthur Gouland.   Bill… Leslie Ward.   Miss Roberts… S. Wright.   Thief… Eric Isotta”
“The film was directed by Mary Milner”
“Assistant director Alan Allman”
“Original plot by Alan Allman”
“Brought to Justice”
There is then a shot of an industrial building, followed by more intertitles.
“Ellerby Lane C.P. School presents”
“Continuity by Joan Hainsworth”
“Art director John Fisher. Assisted by A Haigh. S Kay. E Confrey”
“Camera work Charles Blackburn. Brenda Waddington”
“Story by members of form 3A”
“Some Time Later”.

In the school playground, children run around, talk and skip. A poster pinned to the wall says “Ripon Outing July 6th”. A wall calendar shows June 1953.