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YFA 2421



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. The film captures village life from different times during the year and includes both snow scenes and footage taken at Scarborough and Flamborough.

The film opens with footage taken during the winter. A mother goes out in the snow to play with her two children. She pulls them on a sled and pushes them down the snow-covered road. They appear to be having lots of fun even when they fall in the snow. The father takes a go on the sledge as well. Following this is a panning shot of the surrounding snow-covered countryside. Finally, there is a brief shot of the children and mother clearing a path in the back garden.

Now springtime, the next portion of the film starts with a brief scene of a young couple and their new-born as they make their way into the church. This could possibly be for the baby's christening. Following this is extensive footage of sheep and their baby lambs grazing on a field. Two children play with the sheep, sometimes holding the small lambs.

Now in the back garden, the neighbourhood kids have come out to play. They all stand together for a picture before playing in the garden. There is a close-up of a frog before moving onto more footage of the children playing.

The next scene captures members of the Reighton church's congregation exiting the church after Sunday services.

In Peasholme Park, Scarborough there are people seated by the lake filled with people in rowing boats. The family walk around the gardens, and there is a shot of the coast.

Following this is a school celebration during which all the children take part in country dancing. The children fill the large field outside the school, and spectators sit on wooded chairs situated around the side-lines.

The final scenes take place at the beach at Flamborough. Members of the family all play in the water, throwing a ball around near some of the rocks/barriers. In one of the seaside gardens, there is a fish pond which is covered in lily pads. There is a close up of some of the flowers as well as the fish that are in the pond. This is followed by a shot of the white cliffs of Flamborough and its lighthouse. There is more footage of the children playing on the beach and in the water, and the film closes with the two girls on a pony ride along the beach.