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YFA 2434



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. The film chronicles children having fun in the winter snow and a summer fete. He was a keen filmmaker and would often take films of such events as a record of village life.

The film opens with good scenes of the children sledging. They make their way up and down the snow-covered hill many times. The surrounding countryside can also be seen.

The next scene begins with a close-up of daffodils followed by scenes of a town centre. Two family members pose outside the front door. This is followed a cricket match.

Members of the Methodist church congregation exit the church and socialize in the church yard. There is a brief shot of family members relaxing in the back garden before scenes of a village fete. Different tables have been set up, and many members of the community have turned out for the event. They examine the goods on the tables, and many of them are socializing on this sunny day.