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A well shot film of a reconstructed robbery using many classic narrative film techniques such as linear editing to show the progression of the robbery investigation from initial report to capture of the criminals. This is coupled with a narrator who explains the different police procedures and how they combine to solve crimes. The methodical recording of information is highlighted as one of the main elements of the detective work which enables the police to work as a whole unit - from the police on the beat to the CID - to solve all crimes. It is well shot and has good examples of police-wear as the CID still where smart hats, good lighting and cinematography and logical editing work in harmony to get the films message across.

The film opens with a shot of the Humberside Police. A voiceover explains why we need films to train police on the different methods that one can use to catch the modern criminal. This film is based on a real crime and is a reconstruction of the methods the police used to solve the crime and bring the perpetrators to justice. The film was shot by members of the police force in Hull.

Title-Kingston-Upon Hull City Police present Smash and Grab.

Title-Photography by Det.Con. I.F. Brocklesby W.E. Jacketts, ESQ.

Title-Narration by H.H. Bell, ESQ

Title-Music composed and played by J.P. Cornell, ESQ

Title-Sound Recording by Det. Con. J.D. Martin

Title-Produced by Det. Insp. RW Hather, Det. Insp. J.R.B. Williams

Title-Directed by Det. Supt. J. Cocksworth

Title-Foreword by Sydney Lawrence, C.B.E. Chief Constable of the Kingston-Upon Hull City Police.

The film opens with a shot of a statue with scales which is located on the top of a court house. The voice over talks about the need to carefully monitor and deal with crime, he also explains that the point of this film is to highlight all of the hard work and in-depth investigation that goes into dealing with crime. He also points out that the people in this film are not actors.

A man walking to work sees a crime being carried out at a jewellery store; he gets a good look at the thieves as they drive off and proceeds to run to police station to inform them.

A different voice over begins to go through all of the steps that happen after this reported crime. A report is taken from the witness while detectives and a finger print and photographic officer go to the scene of the crime and begin to work. The finger print and photographic officer takes a sample of the blood that has been left on some glass at the scene; he also dusts for finger prints. The detectives take a look around and take notes. Back in the police station reports and possible suspect lists are being written up and passed around on the street. The police officers in the communications department work to follow up leads and to call the policemen on their beats.

There is a shot of a Kingston-Upon Hull sign. Road block have been set up along all major roads and police men stop cars and search them. There are more police stationed at train and bus stations and the ferry port to Lancashire.

A police man on his bike comes across the getaway car in a housing estate and calls in the police dog. He is allowed to sniff around the car and then follows the scent down an alley way; he comes upon a ring which was dropped. The finger print and photographic officer dusts the car for prints and takes photos of them. Underneath the bonnet are broken pieces of glass, a detective removes the shards and puts them into a bag.

In a brief scene a car of detectives wait at ferry port; the voice over explains that the police were given an anonymous lead.

The team of detectives gather in the police headquarters with details of possible suspects. Some detectives are dispatched to hospitals as one of the thieves is injured; they find him there. They take photos and fingerprints from the suspect, take blood sample top match with the blood found at the crime scene and keep all his clothes to test for fibres. The clothes are examined and the jacket is brought to an expert who is able to tell them where the jacket came from and, in turn, the man who purchased it.

In another scene, some local boys find blood stained items and call the police. The area is examined and a plaster cast is made of a deep tyre track which is found beside the items. More male and female police officers are called in to help with a search while detectives look around area and question local publican who identifies the suspect in hospital.

The police carry out more enquiries to find another vehicle that the suspect owns; they also find this and link it to the man in hospital. Finally the suspect can be let out of hospital and is immediately brought into custody. His finger prints and personal details are taken and so are any items that he has on his person that may be used to harm him.

The voice over says that thanks to the tireless and thorough work of the police force, the suspect and his accomplice were given sentences of between two-and-a-half and five years in jail.

Title-Kingston-Upon Hull City Police

Title-The End