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YFA 5675



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This is film of a school production of Sleeping Beauty, possibly in Rotherham, as well as footage of the family at home and on holiday at the seaside.

The film begins showing girls on stage in a production of Sleeping Beauty, showing many of the scenes and the ballet dancing.  This is followed by scenes and dancing from might be another show, with the performers dressed in colourful, gypsy looking, costumes.  

Next, there are people out sledging in the snow down a slope, with a town in the background.  A woman is featured with a small black girl.  There is also a farm with cows, and two cats and a dog.  A woman is clearing the snow with a shovel, and nearby is a church with a large steeple and a clock.

The film switches to another show, which looks as if it is a ballet around the story of the nativity, involving dancers dressed as angels and with similar costumes seen earlier in the film.  There is a brief shot of Christmas lights before the film moves to summer.  A woman leaves the farm and goes for a horse ride.  The peg dog, a corgi, is shown, and the farmer herds cattle out of the farm and along a road.  A Dalmatian plays with one of the cats. An African woman and three African children pose for the camera.  Then several girls practice ballet dancing on a front lawn.

The final scenes of the film how a pleasure boat as it’s pulled ashore, possibly at Bridlington.   Four women play fetch ball with the Dalmatian on the beach.