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YFA 2566



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Part of the Williamson collection, this is a film that chronicles a trip to Egypt which features many scenic views and famous landmarks. Also included in this compilation are weddings that have clear shots of the bridal parties and guests.

The film opens with a woman and a boy. They are feeding ducks outside in a park. There is a brief shot of new-born puppies in a box with their mother. This is followed by a shot of a mountain rescue taking place, footage taken inside a wood mill, and scenic images of the countryside.

A bride poses outside of the church for pictures. Many of the wedding guests can be seen.

There are good shots of the autumn countryside before it is covered in snow by winter. The trees are covered in snow and ice, and there is a clear close up of a spider's web that is covered in snow. This is followed by scenic views of the town taken from the surrounding hills, all of which are covered in snow. Later in the day, children come out to play, sledging down the steep hills.

The next section of the film documents a trip to Egypt. Men and women ride camels near the Pyramids. There is extensive footage of the filmmaker's trip which includes footage of the local landscape, architecture, and culture of the country. Both urban and rural or seaside places are shown.

At Flamborough, the filmmaker captures footage of the coastline and famous lighthouse. This is followed by footage of a wedding. There are brief shots of the wedding party outside before going to the reception where the bride and groom are seated at the head table.

A large estate and its surrounding grounds can be seen before film of another wedding. The guests come out of the church and gather in the church yard while the wedding party pose for pictures. There is a brief shot of the reception before the newlyweds decorated car drives off down the road.

The remainder of the film features footage taken during a holiday to a tropical destination, most likely somewhere in South East Asia.