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YFA 4752



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This film is part of the Gordon Riley collection and contains footage of a train trip taken along the Ffestiniopg Railway in Wales.

Title-Nodrog Presents

Title-Slate started it.

The voiceover talks about the trip that will be taken on the steam train along the Ffestiniog railway which was a major transportation route for slate and went from Blaenau to Porthmadog.

The film opens with shots from around the community of Ffestiniog, Porthmadog in Wales, including the local train station.

The camera captures a train coming into a train platform and this is followed by a shot of a sign for `Portmadoc' where a steam train is waiting to leave.

The shots are taken from out of the train window and capture lakes and hills.

Another steam train called Linda drives past the camera and this is followed by shots of some technicians working on the engine. Inside the train a woman looks at a leaflet and stares out the train window. They pass signs for Minffordd, Penrhyn station as well as forests and mountain views as the train moves along.

The train passes another train station called Tan-y-Bwlch and there are more shots of the train taken from out of the window; other trains coming into the station where more people get on. The signal man moves the signals and the train guard walks along the track.

There are more shots of the train taken from different angles. A hand with a pointer indicates on the map where the train is taking them to.

Title-The End.