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YFA 1750



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This film made by Derrick Walton is in three parts: planes at London Heathrow airport; a children’s walk for Christian Aid in Skipton; and the Skipton Gala.

The first film begins showing a number of planes at Heathrow airport, including Tridents, BEA, and VC10s; and also showing the Queens flight taking off. 

The second film begins with a large group of children gathered in Skipton, all dressed in wet weather gear, and some holding sheets of paper or bottles. They are gathered for the annual sponsored children’s 30 mile hike, in support of Christian Aid.  They make their way up a hill and out into the countryside.  At one point they stop where there is a large table, and two children seem to get a local man at his house to sponsor them. 

They continue through fields and along a country lane, meeting a sign which has Bolton Abbey 2 miles in one direction and Embsay and Skipton pointing in another.  Some stop to eat, and by the time they reach the river the sun is out.  They cross over a footbridge and stop to have lunch.  They continue along the river, over stys and across fields, walking along with some adults.  One boy has a sign around his neck stating 30 miles or bust!  The group continue to Embsay, Bolton Abbey, Barden Bridge and Burnsall, ending up back in Skipton.

The third part of the film shows the Skipton Gala, with decorated floats, bands marching and playing, and the Gala Queens.  Among the floats there is one for St Mark’s Youth Club, Utley.  The marionettes carry a banner declaring: “We march in confidence for the future”.  Also on the parade is the Gargrave Road Methodist JMA May Queen for 1968.  There is a banner for Morden Colliery and another for Felling Royals, followed by a long line of marionettes.  Next come some more humorous participants, in fancy dress. There is a fairground in Aireville Park and the film finishes with a contestant in a competition being awarded a third prize certificate.