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This film captures the fun and festivities of the Hospital Gala and Carnival in Skipton, including a fancy dress parade and procession of the May Queen.

Title | The Regal, Skipton, Proudly Presents
The Second Regal Carnival Film
The Skipton Hospital Gala and Carnival 1934

Down a terraced street, local dignitaries including the mayor get out of a parked car and pose for the cameras. The girl elected Queen for the day holds a bouquet of flowers and smiles, surrounded by the page boys and maids of honour all dressed in their regal costumes. A crowd are shown lining the street outside the John S. Driver grocer's shop, many of them wearing bonnets and either flat caps or fedoras.

Title | Everybody is here to-day!
Can you see yourself?

More shots of the crowd, among them a group of schoolboys in shorts and long socks. An open-top car drives past the crowd in front of some shops with awnings, and a balloon seller makes his way down the street.

Title | The start of the procession with the Queen and her Retinue

Children in fancy dress, including a chimney sweep, a maid and a shepherdess, walk down the street in front of the gala Queen and her consorts. Horse-drawn floats follow before more children in costumes that include a playing card and a dunce, as well as a large papier mach? cat-fish.

Title | This film, a complete record of the 1934 Gala, will shortly be presented by The Regal, Skipton to the Chairman of the Council for safe keeping on behalf of the town.