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This is one of three films made of the Skipton annual Gala in the mid-1930s.  This one was made by Pathe Gazette.

Title - The Regal, Skipton, presents the screen edition of the Skipton Gala and procession.

The film begins showing crowds lining the streets in front of the shops, one with a sign for ‘Butter’.  A policeman, holding white gloves, stands in the foreground and Fattorini’s shop is in the background.  Following this is footage of the new May Queen and her entourage of young children.

Intertitle - The New Queen (Pathe Gazette)

The previous May Queen crowns the new May Queen before the procession passes.  The procession includes a fancy dress parade and decorated floats, one with the slogan, “Making Friends”.  There is a boy doing a walking hand stand, and following him are the boy scouts and the fire brigade.  

Comedy acts with clowns entertaining the crowd are next in line.  There is a float with the slogan, “Happy Moments”.  Behind the crowd there is a billboard advertising the film ‘Great Expectations’ with Jane Wyatt as well as an advertising poster for fruit gums. 

Nest there is a float with a giant three tier cake, each with girls on it, which is followed by a marching band.  The filmmaker includes close-ups of the spectators, followed by children in fancy dress, including a boy boxer, and children each with a dog.  There are more close-ups of the crowd and clowns.  One of the clowns is dressed as a woman trying to bathe a chimney sweep.

Title – The End
Pathe Gazette