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YFA 1111



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This film documents the Annual Gala and Procession that took place in Skipton, featuring a fancy dress competition, floats and a marching band.

Title | The Regal, Skipton, Proudly Presents
Exclusive Pictures of the 33rd Annual Gala and Procession. Skipton. 1933.

The film opens with crowds lining the streets to watch the procession. There is a pearly king walking amongst the crowds and collecting money, with the nautical symbol of the fouled anchor embroidered upon his back. Among the crowds there is a banner reading "Accept Our Thanks".

Among the procession there are some scouts and a man dressed as a flamenco dancer who poses for the camera with two girls in bathing costumes, followed by children in fancy dress. Men dressed as cowboys ride horses down the street before the mayor and other local dignitaries in an open-top car. Other fancy dress costumes are shown including a clown, a man in a cage trying to escape and a hot-air balloon. A comedy routine is performed using a pair of boxing gloves and a cricket bat, before the May Queen and her entourage of page boys and maids go past.

Title | Can you see yourself amongst the crowd?

More shots of the crowd follow, and some of the shops, including Hepworths, an opticians.

Title | The Procession in High Street

The Queen and her consorts continue to process down the street, past the shop entitled 'S. Wood & Sons'. Horses cart floats with slogans such as "The Firing Line", "Understanding" and "Purity" written on them, and a marching brass band follow behind. A fire engine also joins the parade with the firemen holding onto the ladder as it makes its way along the high street. There are more children in fancy dress, one holding a placard declaring 'Class 13, Miscellaneous Subjects', and a Sunday School float before the procession comes to an end and the crowds are seen milling about in the street as the film comes to a close.

Title | The End