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NEFA 14558



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A group of retired workers revisit Skinningrove Works, an iron and steel plant, to observe new machinery and processes in action on the factory floor.

Title: British Steel Corporation

Title: Skinningrove Works 1974

Title: Centenary Celebrations

Title: Retired Employees Look-In.

The film includes a panning shot of the beach and harbour at Skinningrove. Close-up of street from hill. A guard standing at a gate into works. A car pulling up, and identification being shown to guard. A car pulls up, man shows ID and enters. Car pulls into car park.

A flower garden outside the offices of Skinningrove Works. A panning shot shows a group of people (retired workers) in hard hats being escorted through Skinningrove garden to the car park. The group examine fork lift trucks in car park. Steel moves through a rolling machine. The group is escorted around the steel works. Inside the works, a shot looks down from a gangway to show a moving crane, a lorry and various steel girders. Three men work to attach steel girders to crane lifting gear. The crane moves attached steel to another area of factory. Steel beams pass in and out of a rolling machine. A car leaves the factory site through the gate and drives away.