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YFA 3447



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This film documents a couple, who along with their friends, go on a skiing holiday in the Austrian Alps.

The film opens with people boarding a plane.  There are views from the air of the land and a boat making its way across the sea.  Finally getting to their destination, we see a big city come into view before the plane lands.  Once off the plane the friends get out of the plane and get into a VW Beetle with skis attached to the back.

The film then cuts to show them drive up a snowy mountain road on a bright crisp day.  At the resort the friends get out of their cars, the group wear very up to date fashions, one man poses in sunglasses and with a cigarette.

People are seen on a ski lift making their way to the summit.  Once at the top we see a man and a woman set off together.  They follow a route down the mountain side passing the filmmaker until they are out of sight.

The film then cuts to show them at the bottom of the resort going down much gentler slopes.  One man is coming down fast and trips over.  He struggles to get back up but soon carries on.  There are then scenes of the friends sitting down and relaxing in the sun, one man plays with his dog.

A group of children are being taught to ski together, and a long shot shows them make their way down shallow slopes to get the hang of the skis and being able to balance.  Another sequence shows adults skiing, down the mountain.

The filmmaker shows two skiers taking a challenging course through trees that are very close together as they come out of the trees they bend their knees to gain more speed.

There are extensive views of people skiing on the slopes.  Some of the group have fun by racing down, one jumps skilfully off a ledge of some height and keeps on going whilst another man spins as he comes down the hill.

Back at the top of the mountain the three stand in a line and pose, many other holiday makers are seen behind them.  The film closes with more shots of the ski action.