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YFA 62



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This is a film made by Noel Beardsell Collection of a skiing holiday in Samaden in Switzerland.

Title – Ski School at Samaden 1936
Intertitle – at 10 o'clock every morning –

The beginning skiers put on their skis on the mountain top and do various exercise, following the instructor, before starting their lesson.

Intertitle – An expedition to the mountains

They film a trip along a mountain railway.

Intertitle – 8,500 feet up – and another 2,000 to climb

The skiers disembark from the train and make their up through the thick snow, part carrying their skis, and part wearing them.

Intertitle – At the mountain hut – hungry but happy

The skiers have lunch.

Intertitle – Tea tastes good – when made from mountain snow

They have tea, and throw a couple of snowballs.

Intertitle – The instructor also undertakes running repairs.

The instructor fixes something on a Mrs Beardsell's trousers, and they survey the view.

Intertitle – And now for the Practise Run.

They all go on a practise run.

Intertitle – This mountain air gets into the blood.  No wonder 1937 finds us going back to school.

They take a train journey through the mountains.

Intertitle – Life in Samaden is busy as ever . .

Horse drawn sledges make their way around the snow-covered village.

Intertitle – Poor old instructor is still doing his stuff

The instructor does a showcase demonstration.

Intertitle – . . for a new batch of pupils

Two more learners take a tumble in the snow.

Intertitle – First he demonstrates the stem turn.

The instructor shows how this is done.

Intertitle – Then he shows the Christiana Turn . . .

The instructor shows how this is done.

Intertitle – and the Christiana stop

The instructor shows how this is done, followed by a pupil having a go.

Intertitle – The Telemark Turn – exercises for balance

The pupils practise various moves.

Intertitle – "Now – JUMP to it!!!"

The instructor gives a demonstration of how to jump as they ski down a slope, and they follow.

Intertitle – Swiss Red Cross Units show us that ski–ing has its valuable side

The Red Cross arrive on skis, transporting an injured person on a sledge.

Intertitle – Instructors are like schoolboys – when let out of school

The instructors do a bit of showing off and diving into the thick snow.