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YFA 2660



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Made by a Sheffield based amateur filmmaker, K.G. Tofield, Skating and Snow is a collection of four films which capture the beautiful winter scenery and talented skaters in the Sheffield area.    

Title – Miscellany
Produced by K.G. Tofield
The Forge Dam, where skating is in full swing
(Black and White, some scratching and tramlines with slight shrinkage)
The film opens with scenes of men and women skating on the ice.  Two men shovel back snow around the edges on the rink to make room for more skaters.  Three men perform a routine on the ice, and a large crowd of spectators has gathered to watch the skaters.  The crowed is lined up against a fence at the side of the pond. 

Title – Pair Skating

First two men, and then a man and a woman, skate a synchronised routine.  Elsewhere on the ice, four men state together in a circle, coming into the centre and then skating back out.

Title – Three

A man skates around slowly, and the children around him on the outer edges slide on their shoes.  A long shot reveals most of the rink which is surrounded by trees and hilly countryside.  A man and two women skate around the ice and are linked arm-in-arm. 

Title – The Swiss Roll

People watch from the side as couples do the Swiss Roll, pulling each other around.

Title – Galleon Pictures Present
 A Winter Cameo
 Produced by K.G. Tofield

(1946 colour, little scratching) 
Filmed on the Forge Dam, a man and a woman skate together, dancing on the ice.  A woman tries to help her son skate pulling him along.  A young girl skates around on one leg, while men in pairs perform together on the ice.  Many skaters have turned out, and even more of the local townspeople have come to watch.  They are lined up on the side of the ice near a wooden fence.  It appears to be late in the day as the warm, low winter sun shines through the clouds. 

Title – Fields Above Mayfield Valley
(1953 colour, warpage and shrinkage medium) 

The countryside around Sheffield is completely covered in snow, but it is not yet cold enough for all the water to freeze as there is a small stream which still runs through part of the countryside.  Three boys sledge down a hill one by one.  As they climb back up the hill three men walk in front of them.  They sled down the hill many times, some taking a bit of air as they sled over a bump in the hillside.  From far away on top of the hill, the pond can be seen situated amongst the sloping fields.  There are already some skaters on the ice while men continue to shovel snow from the ice clearing space for more skaters.  A young boy sitting on a sled is pulled across the ice by his mother.

Title – Dancing on the ice The Waltz

People watch as a man and woman skate the waltz.  There is a close up of two men skating together as well.

The fourth film opens with a shot of a tree.  A string of nuts hangs down for the birds to feed on.  The surrounding countryside is covered in snow, and there is a duck eating as it walks into a pond.  Icicles hang from a house, and in the village, a man shovels snow away from the paths and roads.  Other men try to free a tractor which has become blocked in by snow. They manage to free it and ride away on it.  There is also plough which drives through the village streets, clearing away the deep and heavy snow. 

A young boy (John) clears a patch on the ice by shovelling the snow away.  He sits on his sledge and puts on his ice skating boots.  John’s mother helps him up and holds onto him while he tries to skate.  John’s dad joins in, and they are later joined by more people who have come to skate on the ice.  John eventually gives up and can be seen running around on the ice in his boots while his father skates.  (Filmed in Festival Park)

Next, there is a woman who skis alone down a very steep hill.  Other people line up to do the same, and men in cable knit jumpers ski over mounds of snow as people watch.  They also jump over a stone wall dividing the countryside.  Houses can be seen in the background as John and his dad sledge.  The valley can be seen in the background as John sits on his sled on top of the hill.  The film closes as the sun sets on this winter’s day. 

Title – The End.