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YFA 2196



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This is a promotional film made by Brook Motors of Huddersfield to promote their large electric motors, aimed at the US market.  It takes the form of a representative from a US company touring the Brook Motors factory and commenting on the quality of the manufacturing process.

The film begins with a representative from a US company at a British exhibition of industrial products.  He is impressed by one particular design of a large electric motor, and so he arranges to visit the factory, Brook Motors, in order to do a tour of the works.  He views the whole process, stressing the flexibility of the machines, narrating the making of a large motor.  It shows the work of both men and women employees.  The narrator highlights the advantages of the process, which is quite labour intensive, at each stage.  He goes on to see all the different tests that the finished motors are subject to.  The narrator also highlights the variety of uses the many different motors have.  In return, a representative from Brooks Motors visits the factory of the US Company which imports the motors, where they undergo finishing touches for their specific use.

Brook Motors Film Unit