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YFA 2817



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This film was made by York photographer and filmmaker May Webb.  It features many different key sites around the city of York as well as part of the Mystery Plays and other theatrical events.

The film begins with people in Victorian style costumes at the Castle Museum. A man is winding a music box as a man listens from the doorway of the King William Pub/Hotel. Others walk past including a man dressed in military costume as well as children with their mothers. Inside the pub, a man puts a coin in a Polyphone music box.

The next portion of the film is set in and around the city centre of York. There is a view of the city wall as cars, motorbikes, and people on the sidewalk pass by.

A bus passes in front of the Micklegate Bar. On the wall is a plaque explaining the history and important dates surrounding Micklegate.

There are a few different angles of York Minster including a shot from up on the city wall as well as a view of a family who has climbed to the top of York Minster. Additional sites of York included are Clifford's Tower, the Castle Museum with ice cream trucks parked outside, the River Ouse with rowboats, and a parade of possible government officials.

On the River Ouse, there are men and women crew teams training and racing while spectators watch from the riverbanks as well as teams bringing their boats to the river.

The final section of the film moves to the theatre. At High Petergate, a crowed has gathered to watch an outdoor play, most likely part of the Mystery Plays. The actors and stage, which is on the back of a buggy, are pulled through the streets after the dramatic play's end.

There is another theatrical event featuring children skipping and dancing around on the grass, couples parading around in 18th century costume, and more children dancing, this time with people in bear costumes.