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YFA 5764



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This is a promotional film made by Harrap Brothers to promote their Sirdar brand of knitting yarn.  Accompanied by a commentary, the film takes us through the new designs for woollen clothing for children aged between 2 and 4, using still photographs of small girls modelling the designs, and striking some odd poses.  This is the first part of Sirdar Fashion Kaleidoscope, 5765. 

The film begins with Franklin Engelmann announcing himself and the new designs for Sirdar wool, which is seen in many different colours being spun onto reels.  Following this is a series of still images of three different children, “tip top tots,” modelling various designs of cardigans made from different kinds of wool, including “candy twist” and an arran jumper in double crepe – showing rolls of double crepe wool.   It then goes on to show examples of garments made from other kinds of wool, 4 ply Fontaine and double knitting wool.  The three children acting as models pose together and are described as “three little snuggle bunnies.”  One of the small girls poses with a dress made from wool with lurex.  Next is a smock and a bridesmaid dress.  The brochure for the nine different designs for children aged between 2 and 4 is shown, titled, “Sophisti-Tots,” price 2 shillings and 9 pence.  The film ends with an adult female model holding a Yorkshire Terrier.

End credits:
Commentary – Franklin Engelmann
Still photographs by Peter Clark and Associates Ltd.
Produced for Sirdar by Lloyd Williams in association with Haig-McAlister Ltd.