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NEFA 21652



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An amateur film by Betty Cook of the British Grand Prix taking place at the Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire on the 16th July 1977. As well as the Grand Prix itself, that was won by James Hunt, the film records the practice sessions taking place a few days before the race as well as the many spectators there to enjoy the day.

The film opens on a large road sign erected beside a car park that reads ‘Welcome. John Player British Grand Prix’. Another large signs reads ‘1927-1977 BRSC [British Racing Drivers Club] Golden Jubilee’.

A Dunlop lorry arrives at the circuit followed by views of large green sports car. Arthur Cook, husband of Betty, stands chatting with a man wearing a green John Player racing suit. The film cuts to a man on a small red motorcycle pulls a racing car past the camera.

Arthur and Martin Cook, their son, look over and then walks away from a Jaguar car. Formula 1 cars speed around the track cutting to a young woman snoozing on the grass.

In the distance, a helicopter coming into land on an airstrip followed by a light aircraft. On the airfield, a view shows a twin propeller aircraft followed by a phantom car ride past a number of other light aircraft parked on the grass verge.

Back at the racetrack, a woman holds a baby while in the background more racing action takes place as Formula 1 cars speed past. A group of people stand around The Rothmans International lorry. General views show people walking around the circuit all wearing different types of hat.

Beside a marquee, a woman in a blue hat and wearing a red scarf with white dots holds a bundle of papers.

On the track officials stand nearby as racing cars speed past. From the stands views of the cars speeding past intercut with those of people laying on the ground napping.

General views follow of people walking past the team Marlboro lorry and car number ‘28’, the Fittpaldi-Ford car of Brazilian driver Emerson Fittipaldi. Out on the track one of the cars pulls into the pit lane while, another is pushed off by race personnel.

Groups of people look over a vintage red Ferrari racing car that is on display near the Dunlop lorry. Nearby a man works to prepare a racing tyre.

Inside a garage, a team of mechanics work on a red Brabham-Alfa Romeo racing car of driver John Watson. The number ‘7’ is written on the front of the car beneath which is ‘Martini Brabham’.

The name Clay Regazzoni is written in elaborate letting against the side of a lorry. A man looks over a red and white racing car with the lettering ‘Marlboro’ and ‘Texaco’. An official drapes the car in a red and white striped covering.

Another vehicle in green and white with the ‘Elf’ logo along the side is looked over by a number of engineers.

General views show people walking around the circuit or at a nearby campsite where a man lays on the ground beside a frying pan on a burner.

A race of older sports cars is intercut with views of the crowds watching the event. One of the cars, a Ford Capri, is pulled off the track by a van. Another Mini car is removed from the track by pick-up truck.

In the air a biplane performs an aerial display. The film cuts to show drag racing followed by a race of vintage racing cars. Large crowds watch from the stands.  

On the side of a van is a mural of a man jumping on a motorbike beside the name Dave Taylor. On the track views of a man performing various motorbike stunts. The film cut to show the motorcycle rider looking over his bike and chatting to another man.

Arthur and Martin Cook look into the sky to watch a display from the Red Arrow’s aerial display team.

Back on the track another race gets underway with a helicopter hovering overhead and a woman taking photographs. Views of people watching the race cuts to show James Hunt in red racing suit been driven past on the back of an open top vehicle celebrating his victory.

Another vintage racing car event takes place on the circuit including a car driven by Stirling Moss.

With the Grand Prix now over people and racing teams packing up and prepare to leave. On the now empty race course, the wind blows rubbish about. A number of course signs cut to show a white Formula 1 car being loaded onto the back of a wagon attached to a car.

The film cuts to a phantom car ride around the Silverstone Circuit towards a Daily Express banner and under another for John Player. The film ends on a large sign for the ‘1927-1977 BRSC Golden Jubilee’.

Title: The end.