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An amateur film by Betty Cook from the Cleveland Cine Club of the British Grand Prix taking place at Silverstone racing circuit in Northamptonshire on the 16th July 1983. The film records both the qualifiers as well as the Grand Prix itself. Shot in large part  from the pit lane, the film captures the engineers and mechanics preparing Formula 1 vehicles for racing. The film also captures many of the drivers taking part in the Grand Prix John Watson, Patrick Tambay, Michele Alboreto and Alain Prost as well as the race winner Rene Amoux. Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart are also captured along with Prince Edward, Duke of Kent.

The film opens on a map showing the Sliverstone Circuit. Cars and vehicles arriving at the track. General views of various advertising hoardings around the track include ‘Dunlop’, ‘Castrol GTX’, ‘Renault’ and ‘Cinzano’.

Inside a garage in the pit lane engineers work on an engine of the black and gold Lotus-Renault of Nigel Mansell. A view of the Chief Pit Marshall office cuts to views of engineer and other staff preparing other cars for racing.

A large lorry with the Marlboro cigarette livery is reversed into a parking space. On the track cars speed past watched over by crowds and two officials standing on a small podium. At the finish line a man waves a checkered racing flag.

On the other side of a wire fence racing marshals watch the race taking place on the track. There are views of Formula 1 cars speeding around the track with one car coming off and being pushed out of the way by marshals.

The film cuts back to the pit lane and engineers working on a number of racing cars. An official speaks with Patrick Tambay in his vehicle before he drives away. Other cars pull out of the pit lane while other views show fuel being poured into a car and water being poured over Goodyear racing tyres.

Another driver in a green coloured car with ‘Benetton’ livery, possibly Michele Alboreto, waits as his tyres are changed. There are a number of quick cuts showing other activities taking place in the pit lane and a driver walking past which cuts to a large clock that reads 12.30pm.

John Watson has to step out of his McLaren-Ford as engineers work to replace his tyres. He is helped to be strapped back into the car before driving away. Marshals push the Lotus-Renault of Nigel Mansell along the pit lane followed by a view of Stirling Moss walking topless past the camera while speaking with two other men.  

Marshals push to reverse John Watson’s McLaren-Ford. He speaks with a man before driving away. The film cuts to the car back in the pit lane where John gets and walks into a garage where he removes his helmet and balaclava to speak with another man.

Outside a journalist interviews one of the drivers, possibly Michele Alboreto. Another driver in t-shirt and sunglasses, possibly Alain Prost, comes out of a mobile building past the camera and signs autographs for people standing on the other side of a wire fence. Patrick Tambay gives an interview to the media.

General views show people sitting on deck chairs near to the track which cuts to marshals in fire safety gear watching from the trackside. Standing on a platform is a man and above him the starting light.

The checkered racing flag is waved cutting to a view of the starting lights which change from red to green. Another man waves a green flag over the track followed by views from the spectator stands and crowds watching.

The film cuts to a Renault ambulance with the words ‘Rescue Unit’ written along the side of the vehicle posted beside a building with a large red cross on the roof.

Back on the racing track cars speed past as spectators watch from the stands. Back in the pit lane views follow of tyres which cuts to show a man stencilling the number ‘7’ to the rear wings of the McLaren-Ford. John Watson stands nearby speaking with a man before putting on his balaclava and helmet and driving away.

General views follow of activity in the pit lanes taking place and Nelson Piquet driving his Brabham-BMW out of a garage onto the circuit. An engineer uses an instrument to test the temperature of a tyre on John Watson’s McLaren-Ford. He gets out of the car again and stands over his car. More views of activity in the pit lane and of a police car and police incident control vehicle.

Prince Edward, Duke of Kent speaks with officials in the pit lane. At the start line before the Grand Prix begins engineers make final preparations or hold umbrellas over the driver protecting them from the sun. Jackie Stewart speaks with one of the Ferarri drivers and Prince Edward speaks with officials.

The Grand Prix gets underway with views of the cars speeding past filmed from behind a wire fence. This sequence is intercut with views of marshals in fire protection gear standing by in case of an incident.

Through a large crowd standing on the racetrack after the race, the winner Rene Amoux stands on the back of an open top vehicle with his arms raised in victory. Prince Edward walks past followed by the vehicle which moves off along the track with the crowds waving. Prince Edward and his entourage walk past, the film cutting to show John Watson’s McLaren-Ford being reversed by hand into a garage.

General views show the crowds in the stand, the circuit doctor and someone holding aloft a number of numbered signs counting down from 3,2, 1 and 30 seconds. Around a caravan a group of people stand chatting. A number get up and go inside.

A large sign reads ‘Prohibited Area. Pit Personnel Only. No Children’. There are views of the empty race circuit followed by Betty Cook walking through the gate with the ‘Prohibited Area’ sign on it. The large lorry with the Marlboro cigarette livery leaves the circuit. General views showing the large amount of rubbish scattered on the ground and a number of caravans driving away from the circuit.

The film ends on a series of newspaper headlines relating to the Grand Prix and images from the official programme.