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NEFA 21656



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Amateur footage shot around the Silverstone racing circuit in Northamptonshire by Betty Cook of the Cleveland Cine Club. The footage shows various views of events and activities taking place as well as footage of the crews working on the many different cars.

The film opens with flags flying over the racetrack at the Silverstone racing circuit.  From the pit lane, Betty Cook wearing a pink dress watches as mechanics in safety outfits stand around waiting on the arrival of a car.

General view of a vintage Ferrari racing car on display near a Dunlop lorry. A woman in a brown hat is followed by a number of Lotus sports car on the back of transporter lorry. The rear car on the transporter has the number 28 printed on driver’s door.  Men push one of the Lotus cars past, this time with the number 27 and the name Regazzoni are printed on the driver’s door.

A view of a checkered racing flag is followed by a couple sitting at small table chatting. The film cuts to show Martin Cook, son of Betty, sitting in a small alcove. The writing on the side of a lorry reads ‘copersucar fittipalidi’. The film cuts to show a detailed mural on the side of a smaller van. A sticker in the back of car reads ‘Fisshit’

A couple walk past the camera cutting to a man in a safety suit and helmet standing on a small podium looking out at the track. Arthur Cook, husband of Betty, sits in a stand looking out over the racetrack.

A Royal Navy Sealink helicopter flies close to a caravan site. On the ground a general view of the helicopter and the crew climbing out.

A woman in a striped red and white apron works on a crepe stall. A man sits on the side of a racing car. Another man with a checkered racing flag waves it over the track.

From the side of the track a man holds up a numbered sign. General views of people and cars in a pit lane.

In the air two parachutists spiral to the ground. General views follow of a number of racing and sporting cars is followed by mechanic working on a Formula 1 car in the pit lane. General views show cars on the track. A sign on the side of a platform on which a motorcycle is being lifted into the air by a forklift reads ‘Scheckter’.  Standing behind a barrier a group of men, some in racing suits, chat.

General views follow of men looking out across the track. A Formula 1 car is reversed by hand into a garage. The Good Year airship briefly flies over the track followed by views of crowds watching a race taking place on the track with cars speeding past. On the back of an open top car a man in white racing suit is driven past waving at the crowd. A woman in a yellow hat sits in a deckchair relaxing.

The film ends on a large sign which reads ’30 Silverstone Years 1948-1978’.