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This is one of eleven films made by Leeds Cine Club of the Lord Mayor's Parade, from 1974 to 1984. This film covers the Silver Jubilee Parade assembling on Woodhouse Moor and making its way through Leeds, and the Presentation of Awards Ceremony, with commentary.

Title - Leeds Cine Club Super Eight Group Proudly Present
Leeds Cine Club production for the Leeds Junior Chamber of Commerce
The Lord Mayor's Silver Jubilee Parade

It is Saturday July 9th, and a float arrives at Woodhouse Moor, overlooked by a Georgian building with a clock tower; and the narrator asks, "Whatever happened to the summer of 1977?" Floats are assembling, including ones for Yorkshire Water, Yellow Pages and the Midland Bank. Miss Howell, of Radio Leeds, is interviewing one of the organisers. A group of young women are dressed as Silver Jubilee coins. Some of the participants are having a beer in the refreshment tent. The Lancashire and Yorkshire saddle tank steam engine arrives. One lorry has the Leeds Coat of Arms on the front. The Lewis's float, which won the most original float award, has a large model of the crown. A Cleopatra float is accompanied by boys attired as slaves, shivering in the cold. The Littlewood's cheerleaders do a demonstration kick. A girl plays an accordion. Many of the floats have a royal theme, with the British Oxygen float judged as the Supreme Champion by the Lord Mayor, William Hudson. He is accompanied by the other judges as they walk around the floats.

Watched by a group of small Asian girls, the regimental Band of the Blues and Royals get the Parade underway at 1.30pm. The narrator reads out a list of the other seven bands taking part, and many of these are shown as they march past. The Parade is filmed from high up as it approaches the city centre. The narrator gives the route of the Parade as it makes its way along Briggate, Duncan Street and the Headrow, watched by crowds, with children waving small Union Jacks. One float is for 'Home Safety', and a woman goes by on a camel. Other floats are for Outspan and Leeds Flower Show. The narrator provides some background to this year's Parade.

The Lord Mayor arrives at the Civic Hall in a horse and carriage, from where he watches the Parade go past, including a float for Leeds Parish Church, a military band, an Alice in Wonderland float and Leeds Scouts. At the Presentation of Awards Ceremony and Ball, speeches are made and the Lord Mayor is presented with a Junior Chamber of Commerce tie. The winners of the various awards are announced and come up to collect their trophies.

Title - Camera - Chris Edwards, Dave Morton, Jim Payne, Trevor Shaw, Arthur Steeles
Editors - Arthur Steeles, Dave Morton
Titles - Ron Crossley
Commentary - Tim Richardson

The End