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YFA 56



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This film features the Silsden Modern School followed by family days out in the Yorkshire Dales.

The film begins with colour shots of the Mauretania in Southampton Docks. Boats and ferries can be seen in the harbour, and the filmmaker captures footage from both on the docks as well as from on the boats.

There are close up shots of various types of flowers as well as garden scenes.

Title - Silsden Modern School Flying Competition 1940

Staff and students prepare the model aircrafts to take flight, and after which, fly them in nearby playing fields.

Finally included are family days out in the Yorkshire Dales. Destinations include Aysgarth Falls and Hardraw Force. The family walks through the Dales, and there is footage of the scenic landscape as well as some of the sheep that live there. There are also people enjoying a rest while seated on the riverbanks. The film closes with scenes of a family picnic.