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YFA 2465



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This is a film showing various events held in Silsden, West Yorkshire, in 1937, including celebrations for the Coronation of King George VI.
The film begins with a large group of children in fancy dress posing for the camera.

Intertitle – Children’s sports

There is a boys sack race, followed by a girls race and then an obstacle race, requiring the participants to stop and drink water from bowls on the ground.

Intertitle – The semi-finalists: before!

A line of boys with their arms around each pose for the camera in relaxed fashion.

Intertitle – and after!

The same group is shown with their faces covered in mud.

Intertitle – The baby show.

A long line of women holding their babies pose for the camera.  

Intertitle – The Prize winners.

Three women sit, holding their babies.   Lots of children gather around, and go up to, the camera.

Intertitle – Silsden Jubilee Celebrations – presentation of beakers

School girls and boys file past, each holding a beaker.  Lots of people are shown exiting the church, with the vicar coming out last.

Intertitle – The Council leads the procession

A procession makes its way through the village, with children following the councillors.

Intertitle – Silsden Silver Band.

A marching band passes, and they are followed by more children.

Intertitle – The ladies who served tea.

A line of women, with the vicar, pose for the camera.  Children and adults look over a high wall onto those below, all looking at the camera.

Intertitle – Civic Sunday May 9th 1937.

The Mayor and other dignitaries lead a procession.

Intertitle – 1937 Coronation, Monday May 10th.

Again the Mayor and Mayoress lead a procession, this time followed by lots of children.

Intertitle – Mr Fletcher’s 85th birthday Tuesday May 11th 1937.

A group of girls present Mr Fletcher with a gift, watched by a crowd of children.  A girl shows off the top of a chocolate tin with a picture of the Royal Family on it.  She opens the lid and eats one of the chocolates.  The large group of children gathered around have all got similar tins.  A woman picks some flowers from a garden.  Another woman opens up a beehive in front of onlookers and shows the bees.  An elderly woman and a younger woman, possibly her daughter, stand at the gate of a house and the film comes to an end.