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This is a most likely incomplete print of a film which appeals to the public for funding for the Sailors' Children's Society.

The film opens with a ship docking and men working on the docks in Hull.
Title - The demands of the sea sometimes mean not only the loss of a sailor or merchant seaman, but also the more intimate loss of a child's father - and often, where the mother dies, the father has still to follow his calling with no-one to look after his children. The Sailors' Children's Society of Hull do their utmost to see that the needs of such children are provided for in the best possible way.
Children are playing in the garden at the Newland Orphanage, and some are studying with books open on the grass.
Title - over 5000 children have been received into our care since the work for the children commenced in 1863. The Newland Estate was created in 1895 providing a fine group of separate homes each with a 'parent.'
There is a lady at a table writing a letter which reads, "Dear Mary, Since their father was drowned the Sailors' Children's Society have agreed to take care of Margaret and John"
There are two children, Margaret and John, arriving at the orphanage. They sit down at the table with the other children from the house to share a meal.
Letter, "Dear Mary, Margaret and John are now settled at Newland. It is such a relief to me"
Title - So life begins a new chapter for Margaret and John at Newlands.
The young boy is at the sink brushing his teeth and washing his face. The girls are putting together a puzzle and playing with dolls, while the boys play with a train set and at a game of chess.
Title - The younger children go to their own school on the ground.
Children entering St. Nicholas school on Newland Estate.
Title - Newland has its own Nursery School.
The small children are sitting round a table outside with a teacher.
Title - The seniors go to various local schools.
Older children returning to the estate after a day out at a local school.
Title - After school the children enjoy the many amenities of Newland.
There are children playing at various things outside including in the sandbox, on a tricycle, climbing nets, racing, playing with a dog, wall ball, gardening. There is man reaping a small field, and the children stand on a fence visiting the pigs. The older girls practice their needlepoint outside while others take part in an art class. Boys leave to go backpacking, there are children on bikes, boys playing with model planes, and a game of netball.
Title - Cricket - Early Stage
A little boy tries his hand at batting but falls over.
Title - After a few years of Newland training!
There is a proper cricket game with older boys.
Title - Outside interests are encouraged through churches, chapels, clubs, and other local organizations such as Guides and Brownies.
A group of girls in Brownie and Guide outfits walk past.
Title - Swimming is a favourite pastime