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YFA 4474



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Made by members of the Harrogate Cine Club, this film captures some of the well-known landmarks in York as well as the annual cycle rally on the Knavesmire.

The film opens with a military parade; a marching band is followed by troops in uniform. Onlookers stand around, some behind rope on the pavement.

The camera looks at the statue of George Leeman in York. There is scaffolding visible on one of the towers of the York Minster.

In a park, two girls in matching blue hats and dresses stand near a water feature. This footage is briefly upside down but quickly rights itself. There are then views of the city walls and Minster.

On the container in which this film arrived, the following sequence is described as the "cycle rally on Knavesmire", which is an annual York event. There is a line of men on stationary bikes cycle who participate in some sort of race. People are gathered around to watch. There is a clock near the cyclists with "Dunlop" written on it. In the twelve, three, six, and nine positions are written "440, 110, 220, 330".

Next is footage of the Mansion House, the home of the Mayor of York whilst he is in office.

Intertitle: "All Saint's pavement, with its famous lantern tower".

There are further shots of the York Minster.

There are people in the streets dressed in old fashioned clothing. Some of them have baskets or trays filled with products to sell. This footage also gives a good look at the fashions of the ordinary people who are standing nearby.