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YFA 2605



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Produced for the Imperial Chemical Industries Limited by the I.C.I Unit, this is an informative film about shotfiring on a longwall coalface and the equipment which should be used.

Title - Simultaneous Shotfiring on a Longwall Face
Title - Produced for the Nobel Division of Imperial Chemical Industries Limited by the I.C.I Film Unit

Using narration, footage of shotfing equipment and how it should be used is demonstrated by a miner. To explain in more detail, illustrations are shown to describe from where a miner should shotfire and the conditions which are needed for it to work. The demonstrations are explained first in the classroom and then in pit.

In the event of a faulty of broken wire on the shotfire, a miner illustrates what procedure should be followed to fix the problem. The following titles are examples of things which may go wrong when shotfiring, and the correct way in which to deal with the problems is then demonstrated:
Title- Faulty Exploder?
Title - Open Circuit?
Title - Broken Wire?
Title - Procedure with Faulty Shot (Two Methods)
Title - Dealing with Unexploded Shots

The film closes with a logo for I.C.I.