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YFA 2341



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This is a unique film which shows the dangers of drink driving through a short story shot in a 'film noir' style.  It tells the story of a boy and girl who drive off to the country from a jazz club whilst under the influence of alcohol. The film was made by BV Edgar, director of a small cine society based out of Stocksbridge, near Sheffield.

Title – Amateur Cine World – This is to certify that this film has been Specially Commended by Amateur Cine World
The film opens with captions informing the Imperial Jazz band are supplying the sound.  They are playing in the jazz bar where the young girl and boy meet.  As they leave the club, the film uses long shots of the car on the road intercut with close-ups of beer glasses and others having a good time at the jazz club.  As the music crescendos, the driver and passenger lose concentration.  The rapid cuts between glasses and the car emphasise the danger the couple are in before they finally crash.

End Credits:
Cornet – Mike Armstrong
Clarinet – Jack Senior
Trombone – Mick Shore
Banjo/Guitar – Alan Senior
Bass – Ken Yates
Drums – Mick Carrington
Production Assistants – Joseph Cooke, Michael Shore
Photographed by John Hoyland
Written and Directed by B. Vincent Edgar

3 Star Award – Amateur Cine World Ten Best Competition