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YFA 4763



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This film is part of the Gordon Riley collection and contains footage of the behind-the-scenes filming of a story about Emily Bronte. The film captures the filmmaker and director, Jack Eley, writing the script, filming, making the credits and editing the film. There are also shots of the cast members changing into their costumes and acting on location. The YFA also holds Eley's film.

The film opens in a forest and then cuts to a woman wearing Victorian clothing; she leaves a house and walks across a small foot bridge into the hills.

Title-Nodrog Presents

Title-The Shooting of Emily Jane

Title-By Jack Eley

Jack sits in an arm chair writing in a notebook and then sits at a typewriter and types up the start of the script for `Emily Jane'.

In the next scene, people wearing wellington boots walk through puddles and there is a shot of a sign which reads `Public Footpath Top Withens'. Some men and women wheel small carts with filming equipment across the mud, while there are shots of Jack filming the countryside.

There are shots of Jack and his tripod, setting up the camera in various places and filming the surrounding countryside. There are other men, women and children who are involved in the shoot; a group of men and women are at their cars pulling on boots. Then they load up a cart, put backpacks on their backs and march off into the countryside. They drag the cart and bags up and down hill and sit at the bottom of a hill and have a picnic. One of the women changes into a costume and walks off to a spot in the grass where the filming is to be. The other members of the group also get into costume and smile at the camera. There is a short sequence of shots of the actors in various locations, acting for the camera.

The next section opens inside a workroom where a woman is surrounded by costumes and is working on one of the bonnets. Following this is a shot of one of the actresses on set and adjusting her bonnet by using the reflection in a car window.

The actors and crew are in a field which is full of long grass; the camera has been set up and the actors have difficulty walking through the grass to get into shot. There is a brief shot of a young boy standing beside Jack Eley and looking through the camera.

Following this are shots of the actors taking off their costumes and sitting in the sun beside some cars. They have some lunch while a cat walks among them and Jack replaces a film in the camera. Two young boys find frogs in the grass and there are shots of the group looking in the grass and pointing out the frogs.

In the next shot is a sign for `Ponden Hall-Refreshments, bed and breakfast history of Ponden Hall by Ma Butterfield 75p'. Jack sets up his camera and tripod and films the front of the building; there are some dogs and chickens walking around.

There are shots from inside Jack's workroom where he is sitting at a table splicing film together. All around him are 8mm winding machines, shelves full of film, lights, liquids and cameras. He starts to wind the film through a machine while turning another dial, possibly to synch sound up to picture. He then draws a picture and makes the intertitles which he films in a small unit; it reads `Written and produced by Jack Eley'.

The next section takes place at a festival in a field, where he films the horses and carts. The next few shots show him mounting a camera onto a small platform at wheel height in order to get a point of view effect which is then demonstrated.

Cars drive into a car park and children get out; they are each given a big plastic bag and they walk off towards the `Bronte Parsonage Museum' where they change into their Victorian costumes. The children sit on the porch and pose for the camera. There is a shot of two leather bags with `Wardair Canada' written on the side. The child actors leave the building and walk down the path accompanied by some of the adults. Another sign reads `Public Footpath, Bronte Waterfalls, Top Withens'.

A car drives along a road filming the car in front; they arrive at another house where the children are again in their costumes. They run across the moors and act for the camera. There are shots of the children sitting in the back of the car eating apples.

Some adults and children walk along a country road and pass a sign for the `Bronte Falls'. There is another sequence of shots of the children being dressed for filming and then sitting and smiling at the camera. Some of the children play around, followed by shots of the crew and helpers standing around and smiling at the camera.

There is more filming at a river as well as shots of Jack filming the actors and spectators watching. There is another shot of a sign for the Bronte Parsonage Museum as well as a sign that reads `this was the site of the gate leading to the church used by the Bronte Family and through which they were carried to their final resting places in the church'.

This is followed by shots of the inside of what looks like a Bronte museum, showing the fireplace, dining table, stained glass windows, clothes, and other household items. The film crew have lit up areas of the rooms and are filming those parts. A woman sits at a desk and writes with a feather pen.

Title-The End.

Title-Filmed and Produced by Gordon & Evelyn Riley