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YFA 1984



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This film is part of a collection from the Ward family from Malton and spans the years 1936-1942. The films illustrate many aspects of their family life and social activities as well as showing evacuated children spending time in their home in Malton. This film contains footage from a series of shooting trips in the countryside. The film shows men hunting in various locations, shooting pheasants, ducks, rabbits etc. at South Wold and Place Newton. The Golden Retriever dogs are show retrieving the prey. Some scenes are in the snow. There are brief shots of the Terrier dogs with puppies before further scenes from the shooting party.

The film opens in a garden where several Golden Retriever puppies run around searching for something. They sniff and pull at pieces of sacking lying on the grass. This continues on for a while.

Title-Junks and Hazel

Two older Golden Retrievers sit on the grass in the garden and look at the camera.

Title-Ryemore Despot

Three adult Golden Retrievers sit on the grass looking at the camera; then they run towards the camera.

Title-Ryemoor Jinks.

An adult Golden Retriever sits on the grass squinting.

Title-Jinks retrieving grouse

In the next scene the dog is in a field of heather looking for something; he finds a dead grouse and brings it towards the camera with his tail wagging.

Title-FSHW Hazel and Jinks September 1937.

A middle-aged man wearing a tweed jacket, long socks and carrying a rifle walks through a field with two Golden Retrievers at his heels. There are a couple of shots of him walking across the field.

Title-Jinks Retrieving Partridge.

The man stands in the field as the dog comes out of some long grass with a bird in his mouth; the man takes it from him.

Title-FSHW & K S Beswick.

Two men with the same attire and rifles stand in a field look into the distance as their dogs stand waiting for them.

Title-W J Bellerby, Col. Forbes, Capt Scott. Hopkins, Cap Pickering.

The above men walk up a small hill along a narrow path and come to the camera at the top; some of them smile at the camera. There are shots of the different men standing around, lighting cigarettes and coming across a field.

Title-Shooting at South Wold Dec. 1937.

A group of men in hunting attire gather in a field with a few dogs.

Title-Clive Bainfoot.

A man wearing a cloth cap smiles at the camera and then walks off after the rest of the party who have started to walk away. A woman has also joined them. One of the men shoots up into the air.

Title-South Wold under Snow Dec. 1937.

Mr Folliott-Ward? Is standing in deep snow with his gun under his arm, he looks across the field. Another man is walking towards him. Following this is a shot of another two men and their dogs standing in a field and looking up into the air.

Title-South Wold Jan. 1938.

The hunting party walk past the camera and smile. There are shots of one of the men looking around him into the tops of the trees. He shoots into the air several times and then reloads his gun.


The party sit on the grass against a fence and eat lunch from picnic baskets and drink tea from flasks; the dogs lie around them.

Title-C.H. Swift.

A man with glasses laughs and then stuffs bread into his mouth and then laughs again. Another man eats a banana and then holds it up to the camera.

Title-Duck Shooting at Place Newton.

Mr Folliott-Ward stands with his dogs around him and shoots into the air.

Title-Jinks Retrieving Duck.

Heather's father stands with his hand out as his dog comes running out of some trees with the bird in his mouth.

Title-Jinks retrieving a rabbit.

Mr Folliott-Ward stands in a cereal field with his hand out and the dog runs over to him and gives him the rabbit. Following this is another shot of the field and a rabbit running across it away from the camera.

Title-Can you see the rabbit?

The man walks into shot and kicks the grass.

Title-Jinks retrieving duck Sept. 1938.

The dog runs out of copse of trees with the duck in his mouth, he gives it to his waiting master.

Title-Ditto on another day.

The dog does it again and then there are shots of the Heather's father shooting up into the air.

Title-South Wold Jan 1939.

Two men stand in a field covered in snow; their dog stands behind them. One of the men shoots away from the camera.

Title-Jinks with cock pheasant.

The dog runs over to the man who is waiting with his hand out; he takes the bird.


A group of men walk along a snowy path beside a forest in the direction of the camera; some of them smoke. The next shot is of two of the men standing beside a pile of dead rabbits and then a shot of two of the dogs sitting in the snow.

Title-At the Becks Cock Phesant & Wood cock Jan 1940.

Mr Folliott-Ward is in a field with a bit if remaining snow; he shoots into the air many times and reloads his gun. In the next shot the dog is in a field with lots of snow; he is running back towards his master with a bird in his mouth. The man takes it out of the dog's mouth.

In the following scene the shooting party are gathered in a field; the camera cuts to the next field where a rabbit runs around trying to avoid being shot. A woman walks towards a forest away from the camera; she has a dead animal in one hand and a rifle in the other.

Title-Rabbit shooting on the rough. Jan.1940.

The hunting group walk up a snowy hill with the dogs in tow; they reach the top and stop to take a look around. Heather's father walks off into the rough grass with his dog; he kicks a large tuft of grass and a rabbit runs out.

Title-Between the Knollys and the Cradle.

Shot from one end of a snowy field looking towards a woman walking up the field; she carries a rifle.

Title-Badger Wood Place Newton Jan 1940.

Mr Folliott-Ward shoots into the air several times and then he reloads his gun.

Title-Duck at Place Newton Jan 1940.

Mr Folliott-Ward in a snowy field with his dog, he shoot up into the air several times and reloads. There are shots of this taken form several angles.

Title-Border Terriers.

Two little girls sit on the grass in a garden and hold two tiny puppies; the mother dog stands between them.


Close-up shots of the adult Border Terrier and someone teasing her with a skipping rope which she bites at.

Title-Nettle and her puppies May 1937.

Wendy and Heather sit on the grass with the adult dog and the two puppies.

Title-Nettle and her puppies July 1937.

A shot of the two puppies which are now much older; they both bite at a tree branch.

Title-Ryemoor Nettle and Ryemoor Brock Dec 1938.

There are shots of the two adult border terriers playing in the garden.

Title-Nettle II, Golden Retriever puppy May 1939.

There is a shot of the puppy and the adult Border Terrier lying on the grass together.

Title-Golden Retrievers and shooting.

Title-Puppies in the snow.

Black and white footage of the Golden Retriever puppies running in the deep snow.

Title-Ryemoor Despot and Ryemoor Jinks.

The two adult Retrievers sit in the grass with the puppy.

Title-The Conspirator in High Wood Place Newton.

The shooting party are gathering in a clearing in a wood; they all carry rifles and some of them are pointing into the air.

Title-Despot Retrieving Duck.

There are some shots of the dog running towards the camera with the bird in its mouth and then of the dog swimming into a pond to get a duck from the water.

Title-E. Apthorpe & Col. Forbes.

Two men carrying rifles walk towards the camera.

Title-KS Beswick and SW Tidmarsh.

Two more men in hunting attire and carrying rifles walk towards the camera.

Title-Jinks retrieving pheasants, F.S.H.W. At Beck.

Heather's father is in a field with two Retrievers; one of them runs towards the camera with a bird in its mouth. More shots of the man shooting in different directions and the dogs retrieving the birds.

Title-Sands Wood.

The man walks through the forest with the two dogs and the rifle over his shoulder.

Title-A.Woodcock at the Willowgarth.

There is a shot of a bird flying over a field and then shots of the man shooting at it. One of the dogs brings a bird towards the camera and there is a brief shot of an injured bird trying to walk along the side of the lane.

Title-A High Pheasant at the Cradle.

Shots of the shooting party walking down the hill towards the camera.

Title-Lunch at Shardale.

The men sit against a wall in the sunshine and look at the camera; they are all having their lunch.

Title-`Magpie' a fox passes.

A long distance shot of the wood and a fox running through the trees.

Title-Chiefly Rabbits.

Lots of shots of the Mr Folliott-Ward aiming at birds in the sky and shooting at them; his dog brings them back.

Title-F.S.H.W with Despot and Jinks.

The two Labradors sit at their master's feet and look up at him. Then there are shots of the shooting party making their way across a stream towards the camera.

Title-Despot retrieving a hare.

Shot of the dog coming towards the camera with the animal in its mouth.