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YFA 3460



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This film features the Shone Family in Knaresborough, including father and sister Dorothy, in leisure activities during the 1930s.

The film opens with shots of the family in a rural scene. Rapids of the stream as well as ruins of an old church can also be seen. Briefly, in a city centre, a double-decker bus drives by displaying a Tetley's advert on its side.

The family stands together on a bridge looking over, and the camera focuses on each member of the family including the bull dog. They all walk down a path in the woods together. One of the older boys is dressed in a navy uniform.

Gathered together at the pub, family and friends sit around a table outside enjoying a few drinks, and after which, some sit in a field together.

The next portion of the film features the children at a playground paying on the swings and in the wading pool. The adult family members are nearby watching the children.

At a carnival, people can be seen riding on the Ferris wheel and other carnival rides. The carnival is crowded with people, many on rides, some walking around the fair, and others seated on the grass enjoying picnics.

At a lake, the mother and daughter feed the ducks together. Other people can be seen in rowboats in the background.

The film closes with scenes from a wedding. The newlyweds exit the church and pose for the camera. Members of the wedding party follow behind, and wedding guests are crowded around outside the church.