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YFA 3816



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Made by Eric Hall, this is a film of the Shipley Coronation Water Festival. It includes a civic reception, a parade of boats, rowing, surf boarding, swimming, water polo and water jousting.

A poster advertises the Shipley Coronation Water Festival, on Saturday 6th June at Hirst Lock, Saltaire.

The Royal Shield stands on top of a plinth in a park with flags flying above it, and groups of people are stood talking.

Intertitle - Civic Party at Mason's Bridge

Among the group of people is the Lord Mayor, police officers and an army officer.

Intertitle - County Councillor Gordon Waddilove J. P.

Gordon Waddilove is talking, and there is a close-up of the chain of his office which he wears around his neck. A navy boat comes along the canal, watched by spectators on the side. This is followed by other boats, including an empty coal barge with some bunting, a tour barge and other boats. A man standing on the tour barge and speaking through a loud hailer waves to the camera.

Intertitle - Rotary Pres. Jonathan Rennard

A man is seen making a gesture before the film returns the boats coming along the canal. There is a notice for 'Shipley Urban District Council. Entrance to Hirst Woods'. A woman goes to the window of a cafe, and the crowds line the canal near the lock. The navy boat moors up. The man on the tour barge poses for the camera, wearing a badge. Councillor Gordon Waddilove gets on a boat with several others, and gets off at Shipley.

Intertitle - Canadian speedboat

A speedboat is given a demonstration.

Intertitle - Rowing

There is a boat race between two crews of four.

Intertitle - Surf boarding

Several women give demonstrations of surf boarding, pulled by speedboats.

Intertitle - Team swimming

There is a men's and women's relay swimming race across the river.

Intertitle - Geoffrey Hirst M.P.

Geoffrey Hirst stands by the river.

Intertitle - Water Polo

There is a mixed water polo match in the river.

Intertitle - Water jousting

Men, who sit on beer barrels which are tied together and floating in the river, try to push each other off.

Intertitle - Presentation of prizes

Councillor Gordon Waddilove presents prizes, and then addresses the crowd using a loudspeaker. The Union Jack flies above the park as the film comes to an end.