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YFA 4151



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This film contains footage of the demolition of buildings and the construction of the Shopping Centre in the Shipley Market Place.  It also contains additional footage of Shipley.  This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection which spans the period from 1920 until 2009. The collection includes films with many different topics including industrial documentaries, local events, educational and amateur titles and some of the Wood family home movies. The majority of the films were made by Harold Wood and his son David Wood who were both involved in the running of the film and photography company C.H. Wood.

The film opens with shots of men, women and children sitting on benches in a town centre.

There is a shot of a building with a sign `Market Hall' on the front.

People wander around the local shops and up and down the streets; there is a lot of traffic going up and down the road.

A large supermarket called `Fine Fare Supermarket' is full of customers. The next shot shows a small shop with the sign `Smiths, Same Day Cleaning'. There are various shots of different parts of town, a clock tower, a building with `Shipley Market', and shots from the top of the main street looking down away from the camera.

The next scene is a bulldozed site with the remains of a building which has a tall, intact chimney attached to a remaining wall. Some men have placed a ladder against it and are climbing up the side of the tower; using ropes, they pull down more of the remaining walls.

There are smouldering fires on another part of the demolition site and builders carry rubble away from the site and pile it up out of the way. In the background bulldozers drives through the rubble and diggers move more of it.

Two young boys walk across in front of the camera through the demolition site, they walk up to a pile of wood planks and disappear behind them.

There is a shot of a sign with `Shipley Market St, Departmental Store to be erected on this site, for particulars apply to sole agents-Knight, Frank and Rutley, Mayfair 3771, 20 Hanover Sq., London'.

Shots of street scenes with buses, cars and a busy shopping street. Builders are working on a site near to the busy street. There are various shots from around this building site including builders building brick walls, working on the roof of a building, filling in floors with sand, working on scaffolding and driving dumper trucks.

There is a sign with `Shipley Kirkgate, Shops and Offices to be erected on this site for particulars apply to sole agents Knight, Frank and Rutley, Mayfair 3771, 20 Hanover Sq., London'.

Next shots are of a wide open street with parked cars and people walking by; there is a shot of the building site.

Crowds of women and children are piled up behind a rope and are held back by police. There are in a square or concourse in front of the new shopping centre. Some flowers have been placed beside a fountain at the entrance. A town representative, possibly the Mayor, stands at a microphone and makes a speech to the waiting crowd.

There is a shot of the sign `Arndale Shopping Centre' and then shots from behind the milling crowd. A man sets up a plant stall at the edge of the path beside the crowds as they wander in and out of the new shopping centre.

There is a shot of a shop called `P.V.O' Neill' which is under construction. There are other buildings which along the block which have been demolished. There are street shots from a village with various busy shops visible. There are also some market stalls and a woman is browsing the goods. The next scene is of the `Arndale Shopping Centre' lit up with Christmas lights at night. Some of the lights read `Season's Greetings'.

It cuts back again to the village and the shops, the people walking on the streets, the buses and cars and shots of some older buildings in the area. This time there are empty market stalls in the village square. The film cuts back again to the night shots of the `Arndale Shopping Centre'

There are shots of shopping streets in Shipley and a big chimney is visible. An old warehouse sign reads `D.Luty Works' and again a shot of the big chimney.

There are shots of what appear to be newly constructed school buildings and in the next scene some builders on the street throw bricks up to builders who are on the scaffolding.

Two men stand beside a red sign which reads `Dead slow narrow road' and they both read from some pages and talk to each other.

The final shots are of a building site with lots of high scaffolding. A small van with `Leslie' (Leslie Construction) on the side, drives off the site.

Two men in shirts and ties look through pages that they are holding.