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YFA 3184



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This is a film presented by Brian Rix which explains the purpose and need of the Sailors’ Children’s Society.

The film opens with credits - Camera Chris Seager
     Sound David Slaymaker
     Editing Bryan Jones
     Assistant Director Fail Radford
     Narrator Brian Rix
     Written and Directed by Andrew J. Hartley
The credits appear over the image of a ship in the docks at Hull.  Capitan I. Allison, Vice Chairman The Sailors’ Children’s Society.
Brian Rix speaks of what becomes to the children and gives a brief history of the organization while the children of the orphanage play in a large boat set up in the grass at Newland Estate.  Welfare officer, Mr. Pollock also speaks about the society.
In one of the many homes of the estate, there is a family sitting around a table.  Girls and boys between the ages of 2-15 yrs of age are in residential care.  The children wash up for bedtime, and then go to bed.  The duty of the society is to help families in need cope with their difficulties.  There are many shots of the different homes and facilities at the estate, and a woman speaks about family day and Christmas presents and how the children have to now adapt to what they can afford. 

On a city street, two teenage girls go shopping. 
Small boys and girls race, and then with Brian Rix, all gather in his car for a short ride. 
In a living room of one of the home on the estate, Brian Rix interviews some of the children that are living at the orphanage.  The children speak about their experiences there, about their likes and dislikes, and many play with toys in the meantime.  Barry Green, aged 8 years, has been living there for 2 years.  He says he will most likely not become a sailor because the ship might sink.

The next portion of the film features a man attending to the boiler, shovelling coal.  He was in the society’s care 30 years ago and talks about the society and its work.  He then cycles around the grounds of the estate near St. Nicholas School, originally open in 1897.  In the school, there are small children doing art projects.  The school sees to over 100 children aged 5-8 years old. 
In the seaside house, there is a housemother who also attends to the children.  While the children play football on the beach, the housemother explains about the duties of the society in regards to the seaside location. 
The Finance Officer closes the film with a plea for funding, and the film ends with a final shot of the children playing on a slide. 
End credits - address for donation and thank you list.