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YFA 2060



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Made by an amateur filmmaker, this film shows rural and agricultural scenes on a farm in Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire including a flood and a gymkhana. 

The film opens at a farmyard in the winter where cats are being fed. In a nearby field cows are herded at the bottom of the Castle ruin, and a young calf slides in the snow.  In the spring, a tractor sows seed in a field, and a farmhand follows behind adjusting the machine as it goes.  Later another man goes along some of the ploughed rows and sows seed by hand.

The film moves on to show a large field that has been recently flooded.  Straw bales are randomly scattered in some remaining large pools of water.  A woman drives an open topped Land Rover through the water before a man starts to pull some of the bales clear of the pools.  Later in the year, a tractor ploughs another field, and Sheriff Hutton Castle can be seen in the background before there are brief shots of mangles being pulled along.  A group of men can be seen at work picking crops by hand.

A family, possibly the owners of the farm, play a game with bat and ball (similar to tennis) in the garden.  Cows are herded for milking, and a dog plays on the lawn.  Back on one of the fields, combined harvesters are at work, and sacks of grain are loaded onto a trailer.  On a sunny day, the farm workers stop for lunch, and sitting on a truck, they pose for the camera. 
A gymkhana in being held in a field and the Castle ruins can be seen in the immediate backgroundThere is a children’s fancy dress competition with its contestants on horseback, and a group pose for the camera.  There is also a brief scene of show-jumping before the film comes to an end.