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YFA 2059



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The film shows life on a farm in Sheriff Hutton, during the winter, during which time the cows are tended to, and in the summer during the harvesting of the crop, its threshing, bailing and stacking.  The film includes footage of old farming machinery and practices from just after the Second World, as well as farming scenes from the mid early 1950s.

(1946, B&W)  The film opens with a group of children and two men who are sitting on trailers.  These trailers are being pulled by a tractor through the streets of Sherrif Hutton.  A farm worker turns hay with a pitchfork, ready to be loaded onto a three wheeled tractor.  This pulls an early bailer, and another tractor pushes hay into a pile.  The bailer is then loaded with hay by two men.  The sign Jones Bailer, W. Wagstaff, Castle Farm, Sheriff Hutton, Yorks. can be seen on the side of the bailer.  At the other end two other farm workers tie the bails and load them onto trailers. 

The barn is then loaded with the bails of hay, and men jump on the bails to make them all squeeze in.  The barn is situated just in front of the castle ruin at Sherrif Hutton.

Next, cows make their way across the fields into the milking shed.  Here, the farmer tries to get them to stay in place for milking. 

The farm buildings and the castle ruin are shown from a distance, together with a large old tree, the surrounding land, and the church and cemetery.  A boy feeds the calves in the shed and then lets them out to graze in the field.   A woman is filmed walking down a road in the village, and the farm buildings and the castle ruin are shown from another vantage point. 

(1953 B&W)  Another woman cleans a hatch and a man is digging.  The farmhouse is shown, and cattle are led through a muddy field again with the castle ruin visible in the background.  Farm workers look as if they are trying to drain a field, a woman rides towards the camera on a bike, and the cows are filmed from a moving land rover as the farmer forks out feed for them. 

Back at the hay shed, farm workers load an old threshing machine.  The machine has lots of pulleys and is at work separating the corn.  This is bagged up and loaded onto the carts whilst the remaining hay is bailed and put into the sheds.

(1953 Colour)  On a snow-covered field, cows and their calves are herded by two men near to the castle ruin.   A woman arrives with a tray full of cakes, and a cat plays with a mouse it has caught.  A group of farm workers take a break from their work.  More cows stand in the snow where the farm meets the church and the village, and some bulls in the field come over and inspect the camera.   A man and a woman play catch with a snowball.  Another woman moves over to the camera.

(1954 Colour)  Winter has passed, and three older farm workers stack sheaves of corn.  A tractor pulls a reaper through a field of corn while a boy sits on a board.  There are fields with stacks of corn, and a farm worker walks towards the camera while carrying a pitchfork.  A tractor pulling a trailer arrives at the field before being loaded with the sheaves.  A land rover (FCX 838) drives past pulley a trailer with three men, one with his arm outstretched.  They stop and load the trailer with bundles of sheaves.   Back at the shed, the bundles are piled high until the shed is completely full.  Outside the farmhouse, a tractor pulls a trailer laden with manure, and a woman runs in before walking past two parked land rovers.  Here the film comes to an end.