Film ID:
YFA 4388



Visitor Tabs


This film was produced by Sheffield Transport Department to advertise and promote the use of buses in and around Sheffield, providing a commentary on the places visited. The film presents a bus tour from Sheffield around the reservoirs in the Loxley Valley and Bradfield Valley.

A mother and her son are booking tickets for the Lakeland Tour at Pond Street Enquiry Office. Single decker buses leave Pond Street for the tour. The buses pass along Langsett Road, which has pedestrian islands in the middle of the road for some way. It then passes the entrance to Middlewood Hospital. They continue past Thorncliffe Woods and then Glen Howe Park, where a woman and a group of children walk over the packhorse stone bridge. They pass the village of Bolsterstone, where three elderly men sit on a bench outside the church, next to some old stocks. Descending the hill from Bolsterstone the Broomhead Reservoir comes into view. Further out is the More Hall Reservoir. The river Ewden flows into the Broomhead Reservoir. The buses descend the hill to Agden Bridge, overlooking Agden Reservoir. A woman picks some wild roses. Up ahead is Thornseat Lodge, where there is a display of rhododendrons. There is a view over Dale Dyke Reservoir. The commentary relates the story of the flood there in 1864.

The buses arrive at the Strines Inn, where they take a break for refreshment. Two boy cyclists pass by. The commentary states that the tour buses run in groups of three every 15 minutes. Strines Reservoir and Saddleworth Hall can be seen in the valley. The commentary notes that the tour route is almost completely in Yorkshire, only running into Derbyshire for a short distance. At Moscar a farmer is harvesting his wheat using a horse drawn harvester. In one of the Rivelin reservoirs there are boats and some men fishing. There is a view over Rivelin Valley. A small yacht is seen on one of the lakes in the setting sun as the film comes to a close.