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YFA 4333



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This is an amateur film marking the opening of the Supertrams in Sheffield. The filmmaker takes a trip on the route from the City Centre up to Meadowhall and back again, noting the landmarks on the way.

The film opens showing the front page of Sheffield's local paper The Star announcing the opening of the Supertram on 21st March 1994. The paper is held up by the filmmaker who also provides a commentary. Inside is a picture of the first driver of the new trams. Outside, the Canal Wharf is undergoing refurbishment, and a new traffic island being built with Hyde Park flats in the background. Then there is the new bridge for the trams going over into Commercial Street, where there are the old Gas Company buildings. On a quiet Sunday morning, the narrator now make his way across a car park, towards Dixon Lane, with the old Woolworth's building (now Dunns) in front. He walks along Dixon Lane, past the Norfolk Arms, and under the archway over Haymarket. Across the Road is Marples, the original building destroyed during the war (hit by a plane), and looking up towards the House of Frazier (used to be John Walsh) and the old Telegraph and Star building.

One of the new trams heads off from Fitzalan Square over the bridge towards Meadowhall. The narrator then buys a ticket from the machine and walks over the tramway bridge looking out over the Parkway showing the route of the new tramway and another view of the Canal Wharfe refurbishment. Up ahead is what is left of Park Hill and Hyde Park flats. The narrator comments on the failure of the 'Hole-in-the-road', before he boards a new tram on Commercial Street towards Meadowhall, accompanied by his wife.

He continues filming the journey looking out over the old railway bridges at Victoria Station and Bernard Road Cleansing Station. They stop at Hyde Park, with the Don Valley Stadium in the background. It crosses over the Parkway, where there is more new building. On to Woodbourn Road, passing Woodbourn Road School and crossing over Staniforth Road. It passes Sheffield Technology Park, stopping at Attercliffe. It moves off passing Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield Arena and a derelict area which used to be covered with steelworks: John Brown, Firth Vickers, Jessops. There are now some new work units and Tinsley Wire. Stopping at Carbrook they pass the Abbey National building and approach Meadowhall shopping centre on the left and the M1 on the right, with the two cooling towers. A small boy, aged about 6 years old (Adam Bell from Darlington), after much prompting, smiles to the camera. It stops to wait for a tram coming out before entering Meadowhall Interchange where they get off.

They re-board the tram for the return journey. They pass the new bridge over the canal, stopping at Woodbourn Road where it passes another tram coming the other way. They pass the tram depot on the way back into the City Centre. Over to the left they look out over the Wybourn Estate and the derelict area where the abattoir used to be. Again there is footage looking out onto the canal basin, and the Holiday Inn, formerly the Victoria Hotel, then looking down onto the Market with the top of the town Hall in the background. The Don Valley swimming baths are on the left just as they approach Fitzalan Square.
They disembark and go past the 'Hole-in-the-road', which is fenced in to allow the tramway track to be extended over onto the High Street and up West Street, and just before it is filled in. The film comes to an end.