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YFA 4324



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This film shows a wedding and holiday in Wales, a day out in Whitby and the Sheffield University Students' Rag Parade.

(B&W) The film begins with guests arriving at a wedding. A boy poses for the camera. A bridesmaid arrives carrying a bouquet of flowers, followed by the bride also carrying a bouquet of flowers. The newlywed couple leave the ceremony and pose with others for a photo. The other guests leave and there are more photographs. The couple then get into a car and depart. There is a sign for St Asaph and a Church - St Margarette's in North Wales - which can then be seen through trees. Some people wander through a cemetery with many newly laid grave stones.

Intertitle - Llududno

There is a view over the town of Llududno and then of a pier, with people on the beach. Back in the town there are pedestrians and traffic.

Intertitle - Conway Castle

The Castle can be seen in the distance, and a group of men and women board a coach owned by Furness of Sheffield.

Intertitle - Here and There

Some streets are shown with pedestrians and traffic. A lorry passes by in front of a petrol station. There is a large semi-detached house and a street with raised houses. Some boats are moored in Whitby Harbour. Fishing boats are going out to sea, one of them GY545, filmed with a pier in the foreground and the Abbey on the hill in the background. The fishing boats are then filmed back in the harbour unloading their catch in baskets. More houses are filmed and then cars going down a road with a motorcycle and sidecar. Buses pass in front of some shops and there is a clock tower.

On the coast at a seaside resort people sit in chairs, and there is a round domed pavilion in the background. The road along the sea front with its big houses is packed with parked cars. There is an outdoor skating ring with spectators watching from a stand. Another clock tower, part of a church, is shown along with other buildings. Then another church with a clock tower is shown. There is a funfair with a big wheel and other rides, and people are on paddle boats on a small lake. The beach, with a pier and several mushroom shaped buildings, in the background, is covered with holidaymakers. Children on bicycles ride around a track. There are donkey rides on the beach and a small swimming pool. There is a large building with a sign, 'Fun on the Farm', behind which is a helter-skelter. There is a close up of a church with a steeple, outside of which two men are talking.

(Colour) A cream and red striped VW van comes along the road. It has lots of speakers on the roof and with the inscription 'W H Curtis'. Someone pushes a pram with an adult in it, with a slogan, 'Communism breeds bigger babies'. This is followed by a procession led by a man in a red robe, a policeman on horseback and a brass band. There follow people in fancy dress and lots of highly decorated floats, including a large model of a diesel railway engine with 'Master Cutler' written on the front. Another has a large model of a screwdriver with the words 'World's Biggest Tool'. A parade of lorries, or floats, follows: one painted with flames, has 'Women's Hell' and 'Hell's Belles' on it; another has written on it, 'Sheffield's answer to the American Cup'; another has 'Raggle Taggle' written on it: another, 'Cook the Books'; another depicts the terror in Paris in 1792. Students are dressed as playing cards. A man holds up a placard that reads, 'Jesus said, "Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out".

In another place, pedestrians walk across busy streets with two thin chimneys in the background. There is a view up the High Street in Sheffield towards the Cathedral with a trolleybus coming towards the camera. There are more shots of pedestrians and traffic at a busy junction, and the film comes to an end.