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YFA 3143



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Made for the Sheffield and District Workers Film Society by Brian Pickersgill, this film documents anti-war protest marches through the streets of Sheffield to Endcliffe Park in 1936.  The film concentrates on the Women’s, Youth, and May Day demonstrations held that week.   

The film opens with the following titles – Peace Week, 1936.  Speakers at the Women’s, Youth and May Day Demonstration include:  Councillor Mrs Cummings, Councillor Mrs Birch, Mrs Burton, Messrs Wilson, M.P. and Boulton M.P. Rev. R Stuart, Messrs Mudday, P. Williams, P. Hargreaves, T. Jones, Farness, Rawson and March for Peace Men, Women and Young People hold Mass Meetings Against War. 

People gather outside Sheffield Town Hall to prepare for the march. They carry protest placards with titles such as ‘Construction not Destruction.’  The marchers are filmed from the top of a tram as they process through the streets.  There are members of the Labour Party, the Communist Party and Trade Union workers on the march carrying protest signs and banners such as, ‘Sheffield Workers Unite for Peace,’ ‘Ecclesall Women’s Labour Party,’ ‘Sheffield Youth Peace Council:  For a Better World Order,’ ‘Sheffield University Peace Society:  Peace for All – All for Peace,’ ‘Gleadless Co-op Comrades Circle,’ ‘Smoke from Chimneys not from Guns,’ ‘Scholarships not Battleships,’ and ‘Re-armament Means Profit to Big Business.’   

The marchers finally gather at the bandstand in Endcliffe Park, located outside Sheffield, to listen to speakers including Sheffield local Councillors Mrs. Cummings and Mrs. Birch. 

The film shows newspapers headlines including ‘Britain Pledge to Maintain Sanctions,’ ‘Peace Talks Open in Geneva’ (from the Sheffield Telegraph Thursday 16th April 1936), ‘French Anxiety over the Rhine,’ ‘M Laval says, ‘We Must Settle with Germany’’ and ‘Four Point Police Plan.’  A further headline stating ‘Paris Fears’ is intercut with shots of a large cannon before showing the protestors gathered in the park. 

There is another shot of the cannon which precedes scenes of children playing on swings. 

Tile - German Anger with France. 

A succession of shots shows the cannon, flames, leafless trees, a broken fence, and a skull in the dirt.  The film concludes showing street scenes in Sheffield and final intertitle. 

Title – The Voice of the People, No More War.