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YFA 4379



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This is one of several films made by Sheffield Transport Department to promote their bus service. It gives a tour of parks and gardens in and around Sheffield.

The film begins at the Peace Gardens in Sheffield City Centre, next to the Town Hall.

Title - Sheffield Transport Department presents your Parks and Gardens
'Full details of the bus service to the parks can be obtained from Head Office, Division Street or Pond Street Bus Station Enquiry Office.'
Photography by Richard L. Moore

Intertitle - Beauchief Garden

A family is walking around the garden, with two girls and a boy. A park keeper picks up fallen leaves from the flower beds. There are swans on the lake. The keeper points out something to the woman.

Intertitle - Abbeyfield

People are out walking around the park, again with the keeper working near the flower beds. He points out the sundial on a building to a woman. Some people sit watching a game of bowls. A man is asleep on a park bench, and on another bench there is a school girl is doing a drawing.

Intertitle - Firth Park

A bus passes Firth Park, showing the clock tower. People are walking around the pond where children are trying to catch fish with a fishing net. The flower beds are in full bloom. Bees and butterflies are feeding on the flowers. There is a parade in the park, with women and children walking behind banners. A crowd of people sit watching a brass band playing, with the banners on display behind them, possibly a Whitsun Parade. There is a sign for Hillsborough Park. A woman pushes a pram around the park garden, and there is a game of bowls. Children queue to go on a slide, and are in paddle boats on the park pond.

A number 60 bus for Dore pulls into a bus stop. There is a sign for Whirlow Brook Park. A gardener is trimming the edge of the lawns near a park building. The spring flowers have come out among the trees. Some women are walking around the pond and flower beds. A group are walking around the rock garden and the rose garden. Up some steps there is a large building and then some people are waiting at a bus stop.

Intertitle - Millhouses

Some women are playing tennis, and there is a queue at an ice cream van. Across the flowers beds the lido can be seen. Inside the lido children are playing in the long stretch of shallow water. People sit in chairs watching from the sides, with swimming costumes hanging on the fence to dry. Elsewhere people are crowded around a pool with children in paddle boats. Children are playing on a climbing frame and slide. Others are having a picnic by the side of the pool, and there is an outdoors caf?. Many sit around the pool where they watch a model boats display.

Intertitle - Eccleshall Wood.

The sun is shining down on three children who are sitting in the spring flowers in the woods.

Intertitle - Longley Park

A group of men are walking through the park. Some boys queue up to go into the outdoor swimming pool. A man gives his small son a flying angel in the pool. Some people go through the gates of Concord Park. The gardener is dead-heading the flower beds, where there are many daffodils. A boy and his mother examine an old building.

Intertitle - High Hazels.

People are walking around the park, again with the flowers in bloom, with many varieties of tulips. Children are playing on the slide and roundabout in the playground area. In another part children are playing on roller skates. There is a speeded up film of a tortoise. Back in the playground the swings and rocking horses are in full use, and the paddling pool too is busy. A little black child plays with her pram. An old tree stump is shown.

Intertitle - Endcliffe

People are walking around the statue of Queen Victoria in Endcliffe Park. There is a display of agricultural machinery, and also a dog show. At the YEB stand women are giving a demonstration of making cakes.

Intertitle - Weston Park.

Some people sit on the benches in front of the Museum and Art Gallery. There is a tall war memorial (without a Figure of Liberty), with a small shed next to it. A group of men are walking around the gardens. Some people are playing tennis. A woman takes meteorological readings from a box, and then readings of rainfall.

Intertitle - Norfolk Park

People walk along the wide tree lined pathway, and children are on the swings and slide in the playground area.

There is a sign for Crookesmoor West Recreational Ground. There is a hut and children stand at the side of the lake where there is a pleasure boat. A bus is stood outside the entrance to Graves Park, where people are walking along the main path. There is a mock Tudor building. A game of bowls is being played, and also a game of pitch and put.

There is a sign for the 'Garden of Remembrance'. A group of men are walking around the garden, inspecting the water fountains, and walking past some summer houses. There is a statue of pan and a statue of a seated person, looking like a king. Then back to the pool at Millhouses, where children are splashing in the water.

The film switches to show children fishing at a lake and a couple of boys putting up a tent. A car drives into another park where there is a hexagonal building at the entrance. There is a sign for 'Porter Clough'. A woman walks down a path through some trees where there is a badly damaged wall. A man is driving an earth mover over a field, and then a bus drives along a winding country road in the snow. A telephone box has snow piled around it, and a woman is walking through the snow.

Title - 'Full details of the bus service to the parks can be obtained from Head Office, Division Street or Pond Street Bus Station Enquiry Office.'

Title - The end.