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YFA 1993



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A film from the Ibberson family collection, this film documents some of the events and activities of the Sheffield Junior Chamber of Commerce including the opening of Blackburn Meadows Power Station in 1933.

Title - The Sheffield Junior Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1927 This film records a few of its activities and will be added from time to time

Title - A Joint Visit by the Junior Chambers of Commerce of Sheffield, Oldham and Bolton to the Manchester Ship Canal.

The first visit is to the Manchester Ship Canal. A boat is on the canal approaching the lock.

Title - "Life on the Ocean Wave"

Members of the Junior Chambers of Commerce are on the deck of a ship. Many of them wave and smile at the camera.

Title - the Famous Barton Swing Bridge carries a canal over the ship canal

They approach Barton Swing Bridge. There are shots of ships and docks before they disembark.

Title - From its earliest days in 1927, the Sheffield J.C. stressed the importance of aviation to the city, and urged repeatedly that an air port should be established and air mail and commercial services developed.

Title - On April 1st, 1930, the late Air Vice-Marshall Sir Sefton Brancker, helped our cause admirably by lecturing in the Victorian Hall, and Mr. Gordon Selfridge, Jnr., flew from London on a business visit, attending the lecture at the same time. Here he is arriving at Norton in the rain.

The next section shows Gordon Selfridge, Jr. arriving at Norton in a small bi-plane. The rather poor quality shots are of the plane circling, landing and taxiing. Selfridge then gets out of the plane.

Title - Mr. Gordon Sedfridge, Jnr. left on April 2nd, 1930

There are shots of him taking off again.

Title - Unfortunately a suitable opportunity did not arise to film General Brancker but here he is with his pilot leaving Norton.

Thre are also shots of General Brackner's plane leaving.

Title - H. Cahill, First President of the Sheffield J.C. and Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee 1929-1930

Title - W.G. Ibberson, President 1929-1930

There is a shot of Mr. Ibberson sitting on a park bench and smiling for the camera.

Title - 1930 was a landmark in J.C. history for the President, C.R. Hodgson, was a member with the Master Cutler (A.K. Wilson, Esq.) of the Sheffield Trade Mission to South America.

A man exits a house and picks up a small dog. Together they pose for the camera.

Title - A Civic welcome was afforded to the Mission when they arrived home on December 19th, 1930 - "The flashlight photograph ordeal."

There are two flashes of light during which an image is present of the men posing upon arriving home.

Title - H.R.H. Prince George visits Sheffield to open the new power station at Blackburn Meadows 6th April, 1933 The Lord Mayor (Alderman Ernest Wilson) and the Town Clerk (E.B. Gibson Esq.) at Coal Aston Aerodrome.

The two men walk towards the camera.

Title - The Chief Constable (Major F.S. James)

The Chief gets out of the car. He is in full dress uniform.

Title - The Prince makes history by being the first member of the Royal family to fly to Sheffield. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress welcome him.

In the background there is a news cameraman on top of a car. The plane lands, and Prince George is greeted by the dignitaries.

Title - At the Royal victoria Hotel members of the British Legion and the Old Contemptibles form a Guard of Honour

There is a guard of honour (British Legion) at the Royal Victoria Hotel as the Prince arrives.

Title - At Blackburn Meadows Power Station

At Blackburn Meadows Power Station, the workmen stand in a line awaiting the arrival of Prince George. One of them runs out to pick up a cigarette which had been thrown into the road. The Prince and local dignitaries arrive and go into the building. They climb up a central staircase.

Title - H.R.H. Leaves the aerodrome at 4 p.m. after an enthusiastic reception by the Citizens of Sheffield

Outside the building, Prince George shakes hands with those gathered, saying goodbye to the Lord Mayor. He then makes his way to the plane which takes off from the aerodrome.

The film closes with short clips of the Ibberson family and family friends.